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Barcelona Discrimination Observatory

The Barcelona Discrimination Observatory is an initiative born in 2018 from the will to have a real approach to the problems of discrimination that occur in the city. A tool to measure the magnitude, typology and severity of discrimination, as well as to size and design the actions to face them.

Since 2018, the Observatory publishes a report on an annual basis, which includes detailed data regarding the discrimination situations that occurred throughout the year, the actions and strategies that have been carried out to face them, and future challenges.

The Observatory is the result of the joint work between the Office for Non-Discrimination, the Human Rights Resource Center of the Barcelona City Council and the Board of Organisations for the Assistance of Victims of Discrimination, currently made up of 18 entities:

  • Associació Catalana per a la Defensa dels Drets Humans
  • Asociación Exil
  • Bayt al-Thaqafa
  • Cepaim
  • Consell de la Joventut de Barcelona
  • Creación Positiva
  • Dincat
  • Federació ECOM
  • Federació Salut Mental Catalunya
  • Federació Veus
  • Fil a l’agulla
  • Fundación Secretariado Gitano
  • Gais Positivos
  • Irídia
  • Observatori contra l’Homofòbia
  • Observatorio de la Islamofobia de Cataluña
  • Plataforma per la Llengua
  • Sindicat de Llogateres
  • SOS Racisme Catalunya
  • Unión Romaní
  • Xarxa d’Atenció a Persones Sense Llar

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