The Office for Non-Discrimination (OND) is committed to guarantee the rights of everyone to build a fairer and more cohesive society. Therefore, it offers a people-oriented assistance to anyone who suffers discrimination; provides legal advice to report it, and raises awareness about this issue amongst the citizens of Barcelona.


If you are or have been exposed to discrimination or hate crime, you can come to the OND and explain your situation to us. We will provide legal assistance. Moreover, we will analyse any possible disciplinary action and set in motion dispute resolution mechanisms, such as mediation.
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The OND aims to become a reference in the city in providing training in a broad range of human rights and discrimination topics, in coordination with civil society organizations, universities and other municipal actors of the city.
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The OND prepares, jointly with the Table of Entities with the Service of Assistance to Victims of Discrimination, an annual report that contains the situations of discrimination produced during the year, as well as the actions taken to address them.

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  • Discrimination Observatory Report 2022 Go to content

    The report includes all the data on discrimination in the city, a monograph on access to justice and information on how to report discrimination
  • Have you suffered or witnessed some sort of discrimination? Get in touch with us. We’ll take action. Go to content zMwQkfiWi9w
  • If you have suffered a situation of discrimination... Come. Tell us. We take action. Go to content au0O3kRHE9o
  • Discrimination in Barcelona 2018 Go to content

    Report written by the OND in collaboration with the Entities Board for the Assistance of Victims of Discrimination.
  • Non-Discrimination Office. Government measure Go to content

    Presented to the Presidency Committee the government measure of OND.
  • Suport service for victims of police aggression Go to content

    OND reinforces its service to assist victims and relatives of police aggression.



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