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Trans association Generem! visit the OND

Published Wed, 10/10/2018 - 09:40

LGTBI. Generem! and the OND to establish bridges of collaboration


On October 4th Generem! visited the OND in a meeting of mutual knowledge. Generem! is an association of  trans people, aiming to visualize the realities of the different identities and gender expressions of people. Founded in 2015 in Barcelona Generem! has participated actively inquiring a new model of health care for trans people in Catalonia. The platform is formed by various groups, associations and individuals.

In this meeting OND and Generate! Have introduced themselves, explaining the work done and the services offered by both entities, and have established bridges of coordination between the entity and the corresponding departments, both in the prevention functions and in the field of the guarantee. In addition, it was agreed to hold meetings to discuss specific situations of discrimination with this group, as well as to use the space of the OND to do some of the activities of the same entity.

This meeting is also part of the coordination that is being carried out with the entities from the Citizens, Culture, Participation and Transparency Rights Department. The intention is establishing relations between the Department for the Promotion of Rights of women and LGBTI, and the Department of Citizenship and Diversity Rights.

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