How to collaborate with a participation body?

The city participatory bodies are regular forums held between the City Council and the general public.  Their mission is to hold discussions and compile opinions and proposals, with the aim of influencing municipal policies. Participatory bodies may be territorial (according to the geographical area, neighbourhood, district, city), sectorial (scope of action according to the subject to be dealt with or discussed: women, social welfare, migration, etc.).

Participatory bodies take different forms according to their aims, which may be advisory, pacts and agreements or public hearings. In all cases, and with the aim of ensuring plurality, these forums must include people linked to the City Council (councillors, advisers or municipal staff) and people with no links to either the City Council or any other public administration. Sectorial bodies may also include experts in the specific area covered by the body, and who make up no more than one third of its total members.

In order to guarantee the widest possible variety of perspectives and voices, the composition of participatory bodies is based on the criteria of plurality, making it possible to have the same diversity of opinions and perspectives that characterises the City of Barcelona.


Òrgans territorials

Territorial bodies

The city's territorial participation bodies are continuous spaces for meeting the city council and citizenship in the geographical area, whether neighborhood, district or city.

Òrgans sectorials

Thematic and sectorials bodies

The sectorial participation bodies of the city are continuous spaces of meeting between the City Council and the citizens by area of action according to the topic that is to be addressed: culture, feminism, mobility, education, etc.