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High level PM10 warning


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Activation of measures

Prohibició de les activitats

Control of public works

Reduction (or prohibition) and control of public works and municipal services that may generate dust.

Prohibició de les activitats

Increased irrigation

Increased irrigation in streets, parks and non-asphalted squares.

Advice in the case of a particle pollution episode

Mou-te a peu

Use a bicycle

Travel on foot or by bicycle, use streets with less traffic and avoid peak times.

Opta pel transport públic

Choose public transport

Use public rather than private transport.

Comparteix vehicle

Share vehicles

If you have no alternative but to use a private vehicle, share it or combine its use with public transport.

Controla la temperatura dels edificis

Control the temperature in buildings

Regulate the temperature in your house or workplace, avoiding excessive heat or cold.

Ventila l'habitatge

Air your home

Air your home at times when there is less traffic on the streets.

Redueix l'esport intens

Reduce intense physical activity

Reduce intense physical activity, especially outdoors. Avoid doing it if you are part of the vulnerable population *

* Older people, people with heart or respiratory diseases, children and pregnant women.

Barcelona City Council has activated the PM10 pollution episode stage of the Action protocol for high levels of atmospheric pollution in Barcelona city in accordance with the alert declared by the Government of Catalonia.

The declaration of an atmospheric pollution episode occurs when the pollution levels are high and they are forecast to remain high or increase.

Further information on the  website.