Fira Barcelona joins the Biosphere Pledge

Fira Barcelona joins the Biosphere Pledge

Tourism. The exhibition organisation signs up to the pledge that accredits good practices in sustainability and employment in the field of tourism.

Fira Barcelona is joining the Barcelona Biosphere Pledge for Tourist Sustainability, which accredits the good practices of tourist establishments in environmentally responsible and friendly management, culture, employment conditions, gender fairness and social and economic return.


Fira Barcelona’s joining represents a boost to the Project as it is one of the most Europe’s important exhibition organisations and a leader in Spain, above all in the professional and industrial fairs sector. It offers 150 different exhibition and conference events a year, bringing together over 30,000 enterprises, direct and represented, receiving 2.5 million visitors from 200 countries and territories.

Ever since the Barcelona Biosphere Pledge was presented, in March 2019, close to two-hundred bodies and organisations now boast this distinction or have started the process to obtain it.

Enterprises receive personalised training, accompaniment and advice throughout the process, which focuses on five work areas: environmental impact, employment conditions, gender fairness, culture and social and economic return.

Certificates are aimed at tourist enterprises of every kind: travel agencies, tourist accommodation, retail shops, tourist guides, MICE event-organising enterprises, museums and venues that can be visited, tourist information offices, congress and conference centres, restaurants, tourist-transport enterprises, experience organisers, beaches and professional associations.

The Project is being funded from the tax on stays in tourist establishments, which is why it represents no cost for participating enterprises and is being promoted in collaboration with the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, Turisme de Barcelona and the Institute of Responsible Tourism.

Joining the pledge also implies automatic incorporation into the network of organisations making up the Citizen Commitment to Sustainability, which now brings together over a thousand organisations from various fields, including commerce, schools, associations and enterprises.