More resources from the tourist tax for the city

More resources from the tourist tax for the city

Tourism. A total of 4.9 million euros will be used to improve public space, promote culture and science and knowledge and control of tourism.

A total of 4.9 million euros from the tax on overnight stays in tourist accommodation (IEET) is to be used on a package of 14 projects to foster culture and science, the inspection and control of tourism in the city, improvements to public space and more.

The largest amounts will be used to cover costs for the plan for coexistence and neighbourliness in public space (1.7 million) and spotters to identify housing being used for non-regulated tourism (1.2 million).

The amount of 400,000 euros will also be used towards the City and Science Biennale; 370,000 to improve public space and install permanent public toilets and urinals, and 300,000 to promote cultural activities such as the Sònar+D and the programme of neighbourhood concerts Barcelona Obertura Spring Festival.

This is the second year that 50% of the money raised by the tourist tax on overnight stays is being directly administered by the city. Prior to 2016 the city received 34% of the funds.

The 4.9 million euros corresponds to funds raised in the city in the second and third quarters of 2018.