Restaurants engage with sustainable food

Restaurants engage with sustainable food

Food. A plan to include sustainability criteria in all spheres of hospitality establishments.

A set of measures is being implemented to speed up sustainable restaurant management in the city, from an ecological perspective and from a socio-economic one. Measures include the promotion of a close relationship with local providers, the use of seasonal produce at all times and the establishment of a waste treatment protocol.

Promoted in conjunction with the Sustainable Restaurant Association, the initiative is part of the programme for the World Sustainable Food Capital, which will put a new food paradigm at the centre of the political agenda. It will also mean a big leap in new healthier food policies for individuals, areas and the planet.

The action planned includes a trial at 25 restaurants in 2021, to analyse each of the processes involved in managing a restaurant, particularly the relationship with providers, the configuration of menus and the management of water and waste. A guide will be established later as an example for restaurants in the metropolitan area.

E-Eines project

At the same time, from March to October 2021, the E-Eines project (Experiences, Innovation, Neuralgic, Economic and Social) will analyse the relationship between the different sectors relevant to sustainable restaurant services: produce, processes and professionals.

Training to promote sustainability

The Sustainable Restaurant Association has organised an advanced course called ‘Sostenibilitat en marxa’, on sustainability in the restaurant sector. The course consists of five training modules on products, processes and people, including staff and customers alike. The association is also organising the sixth edition of the meeting ‘Pioners en restauració sostenible’, which has seen 250 professionals from Barcelona’s restaurants take part to date.

Recognition for twenty chefs

Twenty chefs from restaurants in the city have received the jacket from the Sustainable Restaurant Association, recognising their commitment to bringing in more sustainable processes at establishments and their contribution in making the whole city an example in this sphere.

The International Restaurant and Circular Economy Congress will also be held from 27 September to 8 October. The congress will involve experts from different sectors linked to the production chain to be able to offer restaurant services.