Seasons Menu: seasonal cuisine to help the local economy and look after the planet

Seasons Menu: seasonal cuisine to help the local economy and look after the planet

The menu is an initiative by the world sustainable food capital, which is organising various activities in the city throughout the year.

This initiative by the world sustainable food capital seeks to change the city’s habits and food model by fostering healthier and more sustainable practices. Hospitality schools and chefs have combined to come up with a series of dishes based on seasonal produce, with a hundred restaurants around the city and the metropolitan area also taking part by including dishes with seasonal ingredients on their menus.

The Seasons Menu comes with a twofold objective: to foster a healthy diet based on seasonal local produce, and to provide support for the restaurant sector, hit so hard by the Covid-19 crisis, as well as agricultural producers near Barcelona and local commerce.

The idea is for restaurants to include healthy options on their menus based on seasonal produce, also making them an asset by promoting diets among their customers based on healthy ingredients which are easy to find at the market.

Hospitality schools and renowned chefs in the city have also joined in by creating different dishes which restaurants can include or adapt. Over a hundred restaurants have joined in with the initiative and will be opting for seasonal ingredients in their cuisine.

The Spring Menu

Cherries, sardines, mussels, asparagus, oranges, peas and many other ingredients feature in the dishes for the spring. The current season is being used to introduce the menu, which will include a selection of products for each season.

Based on this range of produce, the city’s hospitality schools, the INS, the EHTB and the ESHOB, have created three seasonal recipes as an example of the menu: peas with mint, yam and citric tomato; crystal bread with oven-roast vegetables, marinated sardines and a rocket and mustard salad, and garden strawberries with organic yoghurt and white chocolate.

The Seasons Menu is one of the initiatives by the city in its role as the world sustainable food capital. Various actions and activities are being organised throughout the year to help make food policies a means of social and ecological change for Barcelona.