We promote a local economic development strategy that contributes to the economic development of the neighbourhoods and districts and responds to the needs of people, companies, businesses and the territory’s different stakeholders. The set of services and programmes provided for the economic development of the territory personalise and bring Barcelona Activa’s more specialised services to city residents, and they are its channel of entry.


  • To update the Local Development Strategy 2020-2023 
  • To implement the six districts’ Economic Development Plans (PDE). 
  • To promote unique actions for local economic development linked to the areas of reference. 
  • To boost the territory’s economic and employment promotion actions through new project funding formulas. 


  • To design a single call for subsidies for economic promotion projects in the territories. 
  • To scale the projects for revitalising vacant ground floor premises. 
  • To reinforce the Defence of Labour Rights Points and the Advice Points for Economic Activity in the territory. 
  • Agreeing to new local projects linked to the Neighbourhoods Plan. 
Portal de l'Àngel, Barcelona