• Shop locally. Nice, tasty with everyting to choose from
  • #BCNWithYou

    We like being connected, We love being together. Barcelona with MWC21.
  • Bonus Cultura 2021

    Bonus Cultura is an initiative promoted by the cultural sector's associations, with Barcelona City Council's support, which is aimed at incentivising cultural consumption in the entrepreneurial sector of Barcelona's culture.
  • Barcelona reAct

    A great city event to relaunch its economy after a year of pandèmic. From April 13 to April 16, experts and agents from all sectors will exchange proposals and analyze up to 10 major levers to drive this recovery.
  • Barcelona World Sustainable Food Capital 2021

    Throughout 2021, Barcelona we will be hosting and supporting a series of events and initiatives that are based on sustainable food.
  • Budget 2021
  • New online driver-identification procedure

    You will be able to identify drivers through the Virtual Procedures Office as of 1 February.
  • Barcelona never stotps

    Barcelona City Council is implementing an economic recovery project with a set of measures. #Maiensaturem
  • #BCNcuida't

    Consult full information on the measures for the Covid-19 in Barcelona.
  • Barcelona never stops. Practical guide to our services

    55 measures for reactivating the economy.
  • 2030 Agenda

    Achieving the 17 sustainable development goals means strengthening Barcelona as a city of vital opportunities, quality of life and social inclusion.
  • Shop locally

    "Shop locally. Our shops make our city" highlights the values which local commerce and hospitality give to the city.
  • Economic Activity Tax and public-charge payments for waste collections

    The deadline for non-direct-debit payments is 1 December.
  • BCN Safe City. BCN Safe Visit

    Barcelona City Council is offering an online advice service for enterprises linked to the visitor economy to find out what the most appropriate health and safety protocols or measures are for each type of business.

Latest news

All the measures for reactivating the economy in a single guide


The guide details the 82 measures adopted, such as grants, subsidies and other resources.

Tax by-laws to keep driving the economy and boost sustainability


Tax by-laws. The proposal is based on freezing municipal taxes and applying tax relief in the environmental sphere.

Ten years of the Barcelona Award for Innovative Business in Organisation and Uses of Time


Work-life balance. Candidacies can be put forward until 2 November.

What we do

Polítiques públiques que faciliten l’activitat econòmica de la ciutat, generen ocupació de qualitat i promouen el desenvolupament del teixit emprenedor i del talent local Més info
Activitats socioeconòmiques que prioritzen valors com l’equitat, la solidaritat, la sostenibilitat, la participació, la inclusió i el compromís amb la comunitat, i que són promotores de canvi social. Més info
Garantir l’equilibri i la sostenibilitat del turisme amb un retorn social de l’activitat econòmica que genera i promocionar Barcelona i els seus sectors estratègics per atraure inversió estrangera productiva. Més info
Impulsar i dinamitzar l’activitat comercial de les zones urbanes com a generadora i distribuïdora de riquesa i ocupació i com a element integrador en el teixit urbà que afavoreix la convivència Més info
Una política pressupostària sostenible, solvent i amb salut financera que gestiona els recursos públics amb criteris de transparència, lideratge i responsabilitat Més info

Featured documents

Barcelona data sheet 2020

Main economic indicators for the Barcelona area


Barcelona Accelera

Measure: “Barcelona digital and entrepreneurial capital”


Barcelona never stops. Practical Guide to our services

55 measures for reactivating the economy 


Government Measure "Barcelona, City of Talent"

Government measure to promote municipal policies for talent creation, development, attraction, re


Barcelona Activa - Activity summary 2019

We are working for the citizens of Barcelona.


Una nova agenda econòmica per a Barcelona

Conferència de Jaume Collboni al Cercle d'Economia el 29/01/2020


Percepció del Turisme a Barcelona

Presentació de resultats (any 2019)