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Author visit with Oriol Pérez Treviño

  • Oriol Pérez Treviño. Fotografia: Mireia Arsó

A visit with Mr. Arthur M. Abell (1868-1958)

We will walk with the musicologist Oriol Pérez Treviño, who from the book Talks with famous composers written by the American musical critic Mr. Arthur M. Abell 1868-1958 (who had the opportunity to talk with Brahms, Puccini, Strauss, Max Bruch or Grieg), will reflect on those elements that inspire creativity, on what are the intellectual, physical and spiritual tensions inherent in the creative minds, and as certain places or instruments that allow us to reach beauty spaces lead us to higher values ​​such as the All, the Infinite, the Absolute, or the idea of ​​God. A romantic visit crowned by the interpretations of pianist Vladislav Bronevetzky.


Author visit with Joan Vives
Visit Bach
Saturday 23rd of May, at 11.30 am