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Music in your fingers: approach to African sansas

  • Elena Martínez-Jacquet

By Rémy Jadinon, ethnomusicologist at the MRAC (Museum of Central Africa) in Tervuren and Elena Martínez-Jacquet, director of the La Fontana Foundation.

A musical entertainment instrument, the sansa, also known as likembeo mbira, was born in Africa before traveling to the American continent with migrations caused by the slave trade. Included in the organic category of idiophones - and more precisely from the lamellophones -sansas have very different morphologies. They also stand out due to their ornamental dimension thanks to which they have become collecting objects outside the African continent. All these questions will be developed in a session introducing this so unique instrument by Rémy Jadinon and Elena Martínez-Jacquet.

Session in Catalan and French


Thursday 24 October
Visit to the workshop of Gerhard Grenzing

Thursday 7 November
The mastery of Antonio de Torres in two guitars, 1866 and 1868
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Thursday 21 November
Music as an art-science: monocordes in the framework of the birth of modern science
By Carlos Calderón

Thursday 5 December
What is Ondes Martenot?
By Tomomi Kubo

Thursday 19 December
Sounds with sybarite air
By Piero Pesce and Gianni Ginesi