Live music

Trànsits: Ukigumo


Most of us are probably familiar with the Japanese poetry form haiku, but this is by no means the only poetic practice in the Japanese culture.
Jisei no ku is the name of the Japanese tradition of writing a poem as a farewell to life (jisei) just before death. In some cases this poem is written in advance of the moment of death, while in others the poet dies immediately after putting down the pen.
Based on selection of these texts, the dancer and choreographer Andrés Corchero, and shakuhachi player Horacio Curti, embark upon a journey guided by the poems themselves, where death is another part of life.
The result of this dialogue between the simplicity of the poems and the aesthetic approach of Curti and Corchero is Ukigumo, a show that is strongly influenced by the Japanese aesthetic and in which movement, sound and poetry share the stage.


Horacio Curti, shakuhachi
Andrés Corchero, dance
Chiko Tanaka, guess artist