Dones al Museu de la Música de Barcelona

We make a short trip through various funds of the Museum's historical Archive:

Blanca Selva (1884-1942)

Blanca (or Blanche) Selva was an eminent pianist, composer and educator, born in France of Catalan origin. Between 1924 and 1936 he lived in Barcelona, where he founded his own piano school. The documentary fund of Blanca Selva in the Museum of Music consists of 2 albums of programs and press, and 3 handwritten scores attributed to the own Forest. We have no record of how he came to the Museum. The 2 albums are well-worked by the artist herself, as it was customary to do then: Selva has hooked concert programs, press clippings, newsletters, magazines, so the album is a reminder and catalog of their activity music, travel and personal relationships. In the background of Isaac Albéniz, of which she was a friend and colleague, we find photographs of Blanca Selva and the score of the second book of Iberia, dedicated to her.

Blanca Selva, Fons Albéniz, núm. de registre 10.1942-1

Andrea Fornells Vilar (1890-1967)

Disciple of Lluís Millet and Antoni Nicolau, was one of the most prized voices of the country in the repertoire of lied and also as soloist of the Catalan Orfeón. The Museum of Music custodies part of the personal fund of Andrea Fornells, who probably comes from his brother Francisco Fornells, also musician. The fund consists of a concert program, 92 scores, 7 poems (6 in Catalan and 1 in Esperanto), 1 concert program and 1 singing method written by Fornells herself. The scores, mostly handwritten, are very varied: vocalizations, exercises, singing lessons or arrangements of popular songs, which show the daily work of the voice and repertoire of the artist.

Andrea Fornells (via Viquipèdia), a la revista L'Estiuada, 31d'agost de 1913

Ònia Farga Pellicer (1882-1936)

Composer, pianist, violinist, director, businesswoman and pedagogue, he founded his own music academy and enjoyed unanimous recognition among disciples and colleagues in the profession. This is the result of the Ònia Farga fund of the Museu de la Música, which arrived on February 29, 1960 from the Municipal Archive of Barcelona. The collection consists of several works of art (portraits, ex libris ...), 37 letters and postcards, and 1 album that includes 68 concert programs and press clippings related to Farga and the academy that had its name. This type of album is very common in the personal collections of musicians and artists of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Onia Farga, fons personal al Museu de la Música

Rosina Moya Albéniz (1920-2015)

Isaac Albéniz Pascual was a central figure in European musical life in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries: child prodigy, traveler, multifaceted artist, virtuoso pianist and composer of great ambition. The Albéniz background in the Music Museum contains the documentation generated and gathered by Isaac Albéniz, as well as previous and subsequent family documentation.

After the death of Albéniz in 1909, his wife Rosina Jordana and especially his daughter Laura took over the legacy. Rosina Moya grew up surrounded by artists, writers and musicians. Laura, her mother, was a painter, draftsman and writer, with teachers and friends like Eugeni d'Ors, Ismael Smith, Marià Andreu and Xavier Gosé. With the death of her brother Julio during the Spanish Civil War, Rosina Moya became sole heiress of the Albéniz family legacy and in 1976 made her donation to the Music Museum.

The background is very varied and allows entering in the life of an exciting and polyhedral character. It contains more than 800 scores, 85 monographs, 79 photographic documents, more than 300 letters and postcards, 7 works of art, 19 personal and commemorative objects, and 5 archive boxes with administrative documents, academic documents, personal diaries, travel notes, album concerts and press clippings.

Isaac i Laura Albéniz, Fons Albéniz, núm. de registres 05.2133-1

Natalia Granados Gal (1900-1988)

Natalia was the fifth daughter of Enrique Granados and his wife Amparo Gal. Natalia and her husband, Antoni Carreras and Verdaguer, assumed the management of the enormous family legacy and keep the memory of the Lleida composer alive. In addition to inventories and ordering the fund, they completed it with press clippings, concert programs and various documents showing the tributes, exhibitions, concerts, festivals, monuments and all kinds of activities linked to Enrique Granados between 1916 and 1988.

In 1984, Natalia and Antoni deposited part of the Granados family fund in the Museum of Music, and from 1988 their son Antoni Carreras Granados took over the documents and objects still in the hands of the family, with several donations (1991, 1993, 2009) and a testamentary legacy in 2013 that completes the donation of the fund in the Museum. There was still a very valuable document in the hands of the Granados family: a manuscript notebook with memories of youth and memories of Enrique himself. This document arrived at the Museum in 2015 by donation of Isabel Granados, granddaughter of the composer.

The fund consists of documents of a very different type: 385 scores, more than 800 photographic documents, 1488 letters, 14 boxes with administrative documents, press clippings and concert programs, and 45 personal objects, commemorative and works of art. A part of the Granados fund was donated by the family to the Biblioteca de Catalunya.

Natalia Granados amb els germans, Fons Granados, núm. de registres 05.2176-1