The use of Storify in the Museum of Music

Since the museum has its own social networks as a channel for dissemination of funds and activities, one of the challenges that we consider periodically is to test all those new networks - and not so new - that we believe are appropriate. From several criteria (ease of use, possibility of diffusion, potential community to which we address, etc.) we decide whether to stay or not.

One of these networks that we have been testing is Storify, which, as its name implies, allows us to generate stories or chronologies based on the integration of web content and various social networks previously published and that allows us to locate through our own search engine. Through Storify we can create a plot or thematic thread and follow its impact from publications as varied as web pages, tweets, Facebook entries, Instagram, Google+ or Youtube videos. And, in the case of finding documentation that is not part of any of the above, such as an address of a document in pdf format, allows you to create a link that, although it does not integrate multimedia elements that can be contained, allows access to the content through the link.

We can highlight two strengths of the tool: the possibility that the stories make up an archive of publications around the same subject, and also the ability to update the content with the new publications at the moment, which is usually more useful, above all, in the media or news.

We also wanted to try out an alternative tool with similar features, Sway, which although it has the same objectives and allows us to even more personalization of aspects such as visual design or, also, the upload of own files -and therefore, not necessarily published - we did not think it had a network of users like Storify and, despite the tests, we discarded it.

As a sample, we present this Storify, Bicentennial Antonio de Torres (1817-2017), which allows us to take a tour of the life, work and impact of this guitar player who started a new era of guitar construction.

We invite you to walk through this and other stories through this link: