#FòrumJoveBCN: what is the deliberative assembly’s methodology like?

17/11/2021 - 07:43

Youth Forum. We talk to Yago Bermejo, in the framework of one of the deliberation sessions of the Youth Forum’s participatory process.

Experts in participatory processes, such as our interviewee Yago Bermejo, have taken part in the organisation of the Youth Forum.

The BCN Youth Forum has 99 young people selected by lot working on the preparation of proposals after listening to experts in their previously chosen subjects: emancipation, education and mental health.

During the interview, Yago tells us that the draw for choosing 99 people out of the 20,000 guests made sense for ensuring that all of the city’s 99 young people who had to take part in the Youth Forum were a sample of the city’s diverse reality. It has been shown that there are profiles that tend to take part more than others and the draw was aimed at ensuring young people with less interest in politics and from different areas, age groups and genders would be included in the process.

It also describes the deliberative methodology used in the Youth Forum and consists of an initial period of collaborative learning with specialists in the subjects intended to be dealt with, who provide participants with information; a second period of reflection and discussion and a third period for agreeing to a series of proposals that will be collected as a result of the process.

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