Joint protocol with Adif to transform Estació de Sants

25/01/2021 - 11:21

Urban planning. The revamp includes a larger station foyer and regains Plaça dels Països Catalans.

The revamp to the railway station and the surrounding area will be coordinated between the City Council and Adif to ensure the new infrastructure fits in with the sustainable city model.

The basis for the project is set out in the protocol agreed on with Adif today. Besides anticipating a complete revamp to the Estació de Sants, the plan is also to include adjacent spaces. The development of the project will also include citizen participation, so that local people’s needs are also set out.

The transformation to the rail infrastructure includes a larger and renewed station foyer, the optimal use of subsoil to free up space at ground level and the spatial reorganisation of access points and passenger flow. Regarding the area around the station, the project seeks to integrate the station in line with ecological and social criteria, regaining the Plaça dels Països Catalans, strengthening connectivity with public transport and promoting sustainable mobility.

To guarantee coordination between municipal bodies and Adif, the City Council is to set up a technical office to take part in the preliminary studies, helping to establish the development stages, costs and calendar for the project.

A participatory process addressing the details for the project also gets under way on 26 January and will run until May, with information sessions and debates on the criteria for action, such as what public spaces should be like, as well as a feedback stage. The sessions will be conducted with specific groups and in an open format for the general public. A section will also be created on the Decidim.Barcelona website for people to follow the evolution of the participatory process.