Over 400 metropolitan organisations commit to Barcelona Demà

07/04/2021 - 13:27

PEMB. Participatory process driven by the Barcelona Metropolitan Strategic Plan.

Barcelona Demà gets under way on 28 April with the start of the Metropolitan Cycles. The initiative consists of a series of online and face-to-face activities organised to set out the missions for the 2030 Metropolitan Commitment, the new strategic plan for the metropolis of the five million. So far, 428 metropolitan organisations have made a commitment to get involved in the participatory process promoted as part of the Barcelona Metropolitan Strategic Plan.

The plan is intended to drive social and economic progress to reduce inequality and urban segregation in the Barcelona metropolitan region as a whole, also taking into account the climate emergency and the global conditions and effects of the pandemic.

Six ways of understanding the metropolis

The six blocks for activities forming part of Barcelona Demà respond to different visions for analysing the metropolitan region and defining the challenges of the future.

  • Resilient Metropolis: healthier, with basic resources guaranteed, and able to adapt in the face of uncertainty.
  • Prosperous Metropolis: offering opportunities for social and economic development for all people and areas.
  • Cohesive Metropolis: connected, networked and accessible, driving sustainable and inclusive progress.
  • Smart Metropolis: vibrant and diverse, with an emphasis on research and culture as the main drivers for its development.
  • Multi-level Metropolis: with a complex governance, from a neighbourhood level through to the territory as a whole.
  • Open Metropolis: Mediterranean, European and with a global vocation.

Each of these topics will have its own three-week Metropolitan Cycle:

  • Sessions will be held at the CCCB during the first week and will be used to set out the terms of the debate.
  • The second week will be used for more in-depth debate, incorporating a territorial perspective. The sessions will be held in a city in the metropolitan region.
  • The third week will be used for a virtual debate on the proposed missions, bringing together all stakeholders who have taken part.

In parallel to the open sessions, an online debate will be conducted on the Decidim platform. Set up as part of the strategic plan for this process, the platform will include documents, videos by experts and other communication products relevant to the debate.