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Improving security at events in Europe’s public spaces

Terrorist attacks and other critical incidents that have taken place in several European cities in recent years have highlighted the need to redesign existing security strategies and to deploy new practices and methodologies that allow us to better protect citizens and, at the same time, ensure that they can use public spaces with normality and freedom.

With the aim of establishing a comprehensive and common European culture on the protection of public spaces at local level, the European Commission created the Internal Security Fund - Police (ISFP), designed to support cities in strengthening their security operations by recognising the key and indispensable role of local authorities in the prevention and protection of the population against a terrorist threat.

In 2019, Barcelona and Lyon obtained funding from the ISFP with a view to promoting the European Secur'Cities project. With a comprehensive and dynamic vision, this project aims to strengthen prevention strategies and preserve the nature of public spaces, so that large-scale events and public gatherings can continue to take place in a safe manner.

This November, the city of Barcelona will host the final Secur’Cities conference, where the activities undertaken as part of the project will be presented. The conference will feature various key stakeholders in the public security sector of the Catalan capital and Lyon.

3-4 November 2022
Barcelona. Fundació Miró. Parc de Montjuïc, s/n


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