Welcome to Barcelona

Tips for tourists: stay safe and respect others

Barcelona is a safe, welcoming and open city. We welcome visitors and offer them advice and information so that they can enjoy their stay.

For people who live in Barcelona, being familiar with regulations on respectful behaviour will also help people to coexist better.

For harmony between tourists and local people.


Stay safe:

Keep on eye on luggage, packages and personal belongings, especially at bus and trains stations or in waiting areas at stations and hotels. We recommend you idnetify and bulky items you have with you
In open spaces, on terraces or at the beach, take care of your belongings, don't leave them unattended and, if you have to go somewhere for a moment, ask someone you trust to keep an eye on them.
Keep your personal belongings such as documents, keys, money, credit cards and items off value (phones, cameras, etc) safe and don't be careless with them, especially in busy or crowded places. It's better to keep money, credit cards and documents in your inside front pockets or bags that close
When travelling in private vehicles, avoid leaving packages or other items where they can be seen inside the vehicle, especially if they are of value (wallets, phones, bags, electronic devices, etc). Even if you park in a secure car pack, make sure you lock the car with the window up. And take the car-park entry ticket with you
When travelling on public transport, keep bags closed and in your sight at stop, on platforms and on buses or the metro. Avoid people knocking or bumping into you, as this could give them a chance to rob you.
When you are driving, don't trust anyone who warns you or points out something wrong with the vehicle (a puncture, lights gone, etc.) A petrol station is a good place to stop and check.

Respect others:

Offering and hawking services, items or drinks without permission is illegal. They are often products of dubious origin without any kind or guarantee. Such activity is often linked with criminal network who might be taking advantage of other people's insecurity. Both buying and selling are against the law and subject to fines
Possessing or taking drugs in public places is not allowed and is subject to fines. Selling unauthorised drugs is a crime.
Likewess, both contracting sexual services and sexual activity in public places is against the law and subject to fines.
If you are staying in a tourist apartment or flat for tourist use, please make sure it is legal and respect the rules and conditions for staying there. Don’t bring in more people than the permitted limit and don’t organise any activities that may disturb other customers or neighbours. For any doubts or queries, contact the reception or management service for the apartment: all accommodation must have a 24-hour customer-service help line.
It is forbidden to consume alcoholic beverages in public places is cans or glass containers. And it is not allowed under any circumstances if it causes a nuisance to the other people in the neighbourhood. Alcohol abuse poses a risk to you health
Activities in public places must respect the rights of other people. Respect everyone's peace and quiet by keeping your noise down and when visiting popular tourist sites, take special care not to disrupt the daily lives of local residents.
Commercial establishments may only sell alcoholic drinks to people over 18 years old.
We want you to respect public places and help keep them clean. Anti-social behaviour may be reported by other people and punished by the police.
Alcohol may not be sold between 11 pm and 8 am if it is not going to be consumed inside or on the terrace of licensed public premises.
At the beach please respect the signs for bathing in the sea (red and yellow flags) and do not walk on or bathe by the breakwaters.
Camping is prohibited in public places (including the beaches), except those where it is autorised.
For reasons of secutiry flying drones is banned in the city of Barcelona.