Streets adapted and parks reopened for safe use of public space

Some 74,000 square metres of public space will be reserved for pedestrians as from 1 May, with 70 parks also to re-open.

mobilitat desconfinament

How will we get about once the lockdown starts to ease?

Covid-19. Emergency measures to ensure safe travel on foot, by bike and on public transport.


Climate emergency declared in Barcelona

Climate emergency. The climate emergency declaration is an institutional and public commitment to adapt the city and mitigate the climate crisis.


The Sant Antoni superblock cuts traffic circulation by 82%

Superblocks. Local people took part in a celebration to inaugurate the recently completed second stage of the Sant Antoni superblock.

Superilla del Poblenou, 2018

The 5G-IoT testing ground in the Poblenou superblock has been launched.

The City Council wants to prioritise the practical, direct and positive impact of 5G technology on the city’s residents and their standard of living.


5G technology at the service of citizens

Innovation. The Poblenou superblock and the autonomy of senior citizens as a testing ground for 5G technology.


Six cast iron guardians watch over the Poblenou superblock

Culture and free time. The Fundació Vila Casas donated the sculptures by the artist Xavier Mascaró to the city’s public art collection.


Horta superblock to regain 2,800 square metres for local residents

Urban planning. The project should stop traffic heading through the neighbourhood to reach the Ronda de Dalt.


New transformations in store for the Sant Antoni neighbourhood

Markets. Following the opening of the market, the neighbourhood will now regain space with the provisional structures being dismantled and the superblock further developed.


El Poblenou's superblock receives a special mention at the European Prize for Urban Public Space

Urban Planning. El Poblenou's Superblock receives special mention at the 2018 European Prize for Urban Public Space.