21 January, 2019 - 18:09

The tourist tax, a tool to make tourism compatible with neighbourhood life

Tourism. During the current term of office 22 million euros of the total amount raised has been used to improve spaces and services in the neighbourhoods.

8 December, 2018 - 10:36

More resources from the tourist tax against illegal accommodation

Tourism. Over 4.7 million euros raised from the tax on stays at tourist establishments will be allocated.

2 November, 2018 - 17:32

Culture, the main allure for tourism in the city

Tourism. Heritage sites and cultural facilities account for 67% of opinions about the city on the internet, with an average score of 8.92 out of 10.

2 November, 2018 - 14:36

The new Rambla, a transformation at the service of people

Urban planning. The transformation project, put together with input from organisations and local residents, seeks to revamp La Rambla through cultural, socio-economic and planning measures.

18 October, 2018 - 14:35

Historic agreement with the Sagrada Família, with 36 million euros to improve the surrounding area

Urban planning. The investment will be spread over the next ten years and used on mobility, revamping and maintaining public urban space.

4 October, 2018 - 15:52

Spreading tourism across the seasons better

Tourism. Summer visitors now account for just 30% of the annual total.

5 July, 2018 - 17:55

Over 2,300 illegal tourist lets closed down in two years

Tourism. Besides the flats sealed off, a further 1,800 have been ordered to close down.

27 June, 2018 - 16:49

Long live local commerce, Viba Barcelona!

Commerce. Establishments in shopping hubs and markets in the district of L’Eixample are to start operating Viba Barcelona in October, the first loyalty card scheme for local commerce in the city.

29 May, 2018 - 19:59

Municipal inspections to get access to all data from Airbnb adverts

Urban planning. The information will enable illegal tourist lets to be detected and corresponding ads removed swiftly.