The Barcelona Municipal Tax Office (IMHB) is a local autonomous body with its own legal personality whose task is the management, collection and inspection of taxes, public-sector charges, fines and other public revenue levied by the City Council, its autonomous bodies and other public entities.

The Tax Office works ceaselessly to improve the quality of the services it offers city residents, attending to their needs and providing them with the means to fulfil their obligations, while at the same time guaranteeing the exercise of their rights.

The most notable features of its areas of responsibility are its well-prepared members of staff, transparency, clear and concise information about its actions, and ongoing innovation in its operational and management procedures.

Especially important are the following objectives:

  • To apply administrative simplicity, enabling the procedures city residents’ must follow to be updated and streamlined.
  • To use its own resources to achieve maximum effectiveness and efficiency in communicating with city residents.
  • To streamline and make paying debts easier, without having to leave one’s home, by means of secure online procedures.
  • To ensure that tax-payers’ comply with their tax obligations through actions aimed at encouraging debt payments within voluntary periods.
  • To provide IMHB staff with ongoing training to ensure good management.
  • To ensure a quality system that promotes ongoing reviews of its work processes and procedures, enabling opportunities for improvement to be identified.
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