Participation in a heritage and technology conference

The Museu de la Música was invited to participate in the "Jornadas sobre las TICS en la Gestión y Difusión del Patrimonio Cultural " held in Oiartzun on 1-2 April.

The development of TICS (Information and Communication Technologies) in the last 20 years has made available to the general public an enormous amount of information and multimedia contents related to cultural heritage. Many of these materials collected by researchers, musicologists, anthropologists, curators and other culture professionals were confined to archives (often personal) with a restricted access.

Universal disclosure of this information about heritage allows its massive dissemination and facilitates research. This massive “open house” arises doubts among documentation professionals: how should a public digital repository be managed? How should this information be disseminated on the web so that it can be searched and found, and understandable to all?


Within this context, the Museu de la Música Collections and Documentation Department prepared a presentation explaining the work that the Museum has done to publish its instrument collection in MIMO (Musical Instruments Museums Online): translation of the f MIMO interface and the object name thesaurus into Catalan, definition of the fields for the website, and submitting new images and multimedia files to document our collections better. This conference was a great opportunity to explain how we joined an international database with more than 56,000 instruments, 32 museums and 9 different languages, in a strong partnership with the main public collections in Europe and around the world.