American Space

American Space Barcelona is a collaborative project between the Consulate-General of the United States, Barcelona Libraries and the District of Sant Andreu. This service is part of a global network of over seven hundred and fifty centres worldwide, and its main goal is to promote cultural exchanges between Barcelona and the United States by promoting dialogue, interaction and innovation.

American Space Barcelona is a place for collaboration and exploration, where technology plays a fundamental role. It fosters informal learning and professional growth through a variety of activities, using cutting-edge technologies.

It is a service specially designed for secondary-school and university students but it is also open to any members of the general public with an interest in these fields.

It is located in the library foyer. American Space Barcelona will have cutting-edge equipment for implementing its technology programme. This will include Apple IT material (iPads, iMacs etc.,), laptops, 3D printers and Lego Mindstorm.

It offers a programme that covers five main areas:

  • Promoting STEAM, studies in sciences, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics, among young people and entrepreneurship.
  • Academic advice for studying in the USA, through the use of document resources and databases: eLibraryUSA
  • Cultural exchange between Barcelona and the USA.
  • Organising programmes relating to former programme interns from the State Department (Fulbright scholars, International Leadership Visitor Program, etc.)

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