• Voices from the Social and Solidarity Economy. Chapter 07. La InnoBAdora+, the incubation community.

    Publicació: 22-08-2022

    Discover Barcelona Activa’s service for socio-economic initiatives from the city’s SSE. The community has an accommodation area, located in InnoBA, the Barcelona Centre for Socio-Economic Innovation, but extends beyond its physical confines through its accompaniment services, personalised training and exchange sessions and spaces for promoting inter-cooperation and networking. 

  • Voices from the Social and Solidarity Economy. Chapter 06: #ESSBCN2030. La Febrerada: Barcelona’s SSE Gathering and Celebration

    Publicació: 22-08-2022

    The second chapter about the #ESSBCN2030 looks back at the first edition of the Barcelona SSE Gathering and Celebration. It also includes a conversation between the journalist, partner and director of Alternativas Económicas, Pere Rusiñol, and the Commissioner for Social Economy, Local Development and Food Policy at Barcelona City Council, Álvaro Porro. In addition, the conversESS section includes reflections from Ester Vidal Pujol-Xicoy, Director of Social and Solidarity Economy and Sustainable Food, Hernan Córdoba, Coordinator of Coòpolis, and Andrea Balletbó and Ariadna Troté from Tandem Social and technical secretary for the #ESSBCN2030.

  • Voices from the Social and Solidarity Economy. Chapter 05: 'The cooperative way for the right to housing'

    Publicació: 22-08-2022

    Chapter 05. New chapter of 'Les Veus de l'ESS', 'The cooperative way for the right to housing'. Carles Baiges Camprubí, member of the housing cooperative La Borda and architect of Lacol; Lorenzo Vidal, member of the housing cooperative Sotrac and researcher at the Institute for Housing and Urban Research, University of Uppsala; Raimon Gassiot, Deputy Coordinator of Coop57; and Doris González, Executive Secretary of Condominiums of the Ministry of Housing and Urbanism of Chile.

  • Voices from the Social and Solidarity Economy. Chapter 04: #ESSBCN2030

    Publicació: 22-08-2022

    The first chapter on #ESSBCN2030. Our guests are AESCAT association President Guillem Llorens, who will explain all about the Barcelona 2030 Social and Solidarity Economy Strategy, and Anna Fernàndez from the Xarxa d'Economia Solidària de Catalunya network (XES), who will outline the Pam a Pam project. The podcast will also share ideas and proposals for promoting responsible consumption underpinned by SSE values.

  • Voices from the Social and Solidarity Economy. Chapter 03: Digitalisation: opportunities for SSE

    Publicació: 22-08-2022

    promotion, growth and empowerment. Participants include Núria Vega, member of the UOC Digital Commons (DIMMONS) research group; Beatriz Sánchez, collaborator with the Càtedra_Oberta chair and Matchimpulsa platformisation programme, and Pau Rolda, technician at the SSE Services and Sustainable Food Department at Barcelona City Council. Also joining the discussion are Mireia Sanglas from Suara Cooperativa, Núria Alonso from the Colectic cooperative and Joana Ariet from the Opcions - La Zona cooperative.

  • Voices of the Social and Solidarity Economy. Chapter 2: Women’s enterprise

    Publicació: 22-08-2022

    Ernest Pons, a specialist from the Directorate for Socio-Economic Innovation at Barcelona Activa, and Andrea Balletbó, a partner and consultant with Tandem Social, contextualise the situation of women in Catalonia’s economy. They will also be assessing the impact of women’s enterprise in today’s social transformation, challenges and opportunities. We’ll also be hearing about the experiences of Ökollective, Club Amica and Metzineres in transforming society and making it fairer.

  • Voices from the Social and Solidarity Economy. Chapter 01: Ethical finance

    Publicació: 17-08-2022

    Raimon Gassiot Ballbè from Coop57, Karel Mena from the cooperative Periferia Cimarronas and Joan Mate from Producció d'Energia Maresme 128 explain what ethical finance entails and how it prioritises people’s needs.