Reference Framework

The Barcelona City Council participates in European projects, where the Urban Lab management is applied; in which IT infrastructures are researched to minimize the digital divide. Facility Large-Scale Adaptative Media Experimentation ( FLAME) is one of these projects, with the support of the Institut Municipal d’informàtica. Is a platform that allows testing audiovisual applications on a wireless communications infrastructures and WSN servers ( Wirless sensor node).


The aim of the project is to deploy a network/service infrastructure to validate such as placing the future technology at the service of Barcelona and its citizens. Finally, basis should be set in order to participate in other initiatives that finalize the PPP5G programme of the UE in 2018.

The applications will be tested on new generation radio networks, precursors of the 5G mobile phone. The idea is to democratize the access to the mobile network infrastructures that today are limited to mobile network operators, facilitating the “Neutral Operator” figure, where if the mobile network cost (CAPEX/OPEX) is rather small, The Public Administrations may take as an infrastructure operator getting a strong position in front of the traditional mobile operators.


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