What do we offer

This section compiles the technological solutions that IMI offers to different areas of the City of Barcelona, the result of experience in the industry for over 25 years.

Government action
Acció de govern

Solutions that facilitate the management, coordination and overall supervision of the whole action of the municipal group in terms of overall strategy of the city.

Government bodies

Development of solutions that allow the government bodies access to a comprehensive and cross-cutting vision of the city, such as registering, managing and consulting opinion studies and municipal statistics

Open Government

Platforms and websites that enable the implementation and publication of Barcelona City Council's open government initiatives. They mainly cover:

  • The management of the various processes (calls for grant and subsidy applications, managing body, subsidies, arguments and justification) that shape the district and city-wide general call subsidies.
  • Special websites such as the News Portal or Municipal Action Programme (PAM) website.

Setting criteria and sectoral policies

IMI provides integrating information systems for analysing data and generating indicators at Barcelona City Council for the subsequent setting of social and political criteria that help to define the City Council’s overall and sectoral strategy.


Developing and managing the portal that enables public data to be offered in digital format (which are not subject to any legal restrictions) so that the public can use them, provided they respect their terms and conditions of use.

Institutional action
Acció Institucional

Solutions that promote the relationship and the representation of the city with external stakeholders as well as promoting the corporate image by spreading through the media.

Subsidies and agreements

A solution that enables and administers agreement and subsidy processes for general calls for city and district subsidies (call for subsidies, managing body, subsidies, arguments and justification), both public and otherwise.

Legal Services

Development and maintenance of the technology necessary for managing the follow-up of the legal issues that are covered by the register and enable consultations of historical documents, enabling their follow-up.

General intervention

Integration of the applications needed to  support the checking of invoices from entities outside the corporate environment.

Management of the Barcelona Municipal Institute of Education

A solution that provides a comprehensive educational, administrative and analytical management for municipal nursery schools while enabling the administration of school activities provided by Barcelona's schools. In addition, it integrates the portal of the International Association of Educating Cities, the environment of collaboration and communication between the Nursery Schools’ various management spaces and management of volunteers.

Library and archives

Comprehensive management systems and consultation tools for the libraries’ catalogue, document collections and municipal archives. It includes various sources of data: photographic catalogue of the Urban Planning Library, collective CCUC-DIBA and CSIC catalogues.

Managing the Mayor's Office

Technological support for the management of the Mayor’s Municipal Government Team, protocol and administrative records of the entry of  requests from the public addressed to the Mayor’s Office, with subsequent registration and follow-up by the various municipal departments.


A solution for managing municipal meetings that includes all activities relating to the preparation of issues to be dealt with at the Municipal Bodies’ meetings. To that end, it manages the questions that the political party groups present, so they can be answered verbally or in writing at the various committees, by monitoring the recipient of the question and its status.

Citizens’ assistance

It provides technological tools to the city council for processing, providing suports to citizens.

Accidents Management

Technology for the management of traffic accidents by collecting data and drawing up records that will be consulted by insurance, courts and hospitals. At the same time, it allows the preventive management of road conditions, pedestrian crossings and conflicting crossings and the collection, management and follow-up of improvement proposals.

Lost and found management

Tools that enable the administration of all the items that reach the Lost and Found Office and which are put in order and classed so they can be returned to citizens, once requested and identified by their owners.


Technology for administering the procedure folders of citizens, businesses and professionals. Integration with the e-Register service and documentary management. Access to reports.

Tax-payer assistance

Platform for 010 and OAC procedures for the Municipal Tax Office, the Lost and Found department and the Municipal Population Register.

Procedure management

Technology for online procedures via websites, with a cross-cutting procedures and services platform for social services. Access to the Municipal Population Register.

Basic social-care service management

Tools for administering basic social services: soup kitchens, Dependency Act procedures, home care and subsidies. Report management and budgetary, invoice and co-payment control. Management of records of requests, services provided and street initiatives, as well as reports and control of social-service and calendar appointments.

Population-register management

This refers to the information systems that enable online procedures through the website, on the cross-cutting procedure platform and data services referring to the Municipal Population Register.

Care for people with disabilities

Tool for managing services for people with disabilities. This enables occupational advice, support and promotion on the part of the Municipal Institute for People with Disabilities (IMPD). Register of reports, job offers and training courses for people with disabilities, as well as professionals who help with their placements.

Managing reports on work projects

Technology for managing work projects in economic and technical areas, through payment gateways, enabling electronic payments of tax receipts, by credit card or direct debit, and building reports.

Management of public roads and squares

Online procedures

Procedures via the website, which is a cross-cutting procedure and service platform for carrying out or requesting procedures and services. This service uses data relating to the population register.

Vehicle-tax management

Platform for managing tax, duty and levy self-assessments and payments.

Management of incidents, claims, complaints and suggestions

An architecture for the comprehensive management of requests from citizens and internal services: incidents, complaints, suggestions, service requests, compliments, queries and claims.

Care for Elderly People

Technological solutions that aim to ensure the maintenance and improvement of the quality of life of elderly people, people with disabilities and/or dependant persons in Barcelona. They cover Home Care and Telecare, management of journeys by elderly people and access to social-service reports which allow the processing, requesting and consultation of the status of the requests registered.

Managing and dealing with municipal calls, incidents and emergencies

Technology that facilitates the coordination of services that enable the management of, and response to calls, incidents and emergencies that require connections with the Guàrdia Urbana [city police] or the Fire Brigade to manage incidents and emergencies.

Census-taking management

Technology for managing the Municipal Register and its procedures for various matters, controlling the Municipal Population Register. It refers not just to data gathering for compiling the electoral census but also data processing by the National Statistics Institute (INE). It includes a Baseline Information Model (centre of baseline information on people, territory and business relations).

Inspection and disciplinary proceedings

Managing reports (inspections, refunds and fines) relating to licences and inspections.

Rose Competition management

Technology for managing Barcelona’s Rose Competition.

Citizen care management systems

Dynamic aggregation platform for various sources of municipal information, for use in the OACs and their distribution through other channels such as websites, kiosks and social networks.

Social-service communication and reporting

Tools for supporting communications and governance of the social-service balanced scorecard, from appointments to offers of social services. Management of the professional calendars of the various centres and services; as well as control of soup kitchens. Giving support to the management of the Home Care service and subsequent budgetary control, invoice control and co-payment.

Citizen participation

Platforms and systems that enable citizen participation in processes such as municipal decisions taken through consultations or the options themselves that open government grants. They increasingly allow for the creation of collaboration frameworks between local authorities.

Care for vulnerable people

A solution that enables the management of services for vulnerable people in Barcelona, including self-management of Social-Service reports, the management of facilities such as soup kitchens and shelters and access to facilities or soup kitchens and other resources that are offered by social services through centres distributed throughout the city.

Licenses and permits

A solution that enables the processing, management and validation of administrative procedures for underground activity.

Children's care

A comprehensive information system for requesting and managing summer scholarships, from registration and assessment to the final decision;  including the management of social-service reports.

Access to social-service offers and calendar management, among other things.


Systems that provide support for the management of reception and accommodation facilities and resources, while also enabling Housing Offices to be managed. It includes handling procedures connected to the social housing service, managing urban-landscape subsidies and hoardings, as well as managing the publication of and expenses for advertising campaigns, advertising orders in the mass media and publication orders in official journals

Immigrant Assistance

This groups together the ICT services that are tasked with providing support for immigrants through common basic services such as social appointments and social-service reports. More specifically, through the immigrant assistance service, which enables the registration and management of requests for integration reports, which are requisite for immigrants requesting temporary residence, or registering and managing requests for housing reports, which are required for reuniting families, among other things.

Social-emergency management

This refers to the information systems for managing appointments for social services, and calendar and report services. Access to the Municipal Population Register.

Women’s care

A technological solution for registering, providing assistance to and following-up people connected to sex work on the street. Access to the centralised repository of reports of Barcelona City Council's Area of Social Rights, to the appointments service and to the Municipal Population Register.

Communication and citizens’ attention
Comunicació i atenció al a ciutadania

Provides access to the public information and share it with citizens, either through studies and / or reports.

Planning, management and urban information

Urban-planning information integration service for internal municipal management, enabling consultations on information and municipal urban-planning management. It includes areas such as urban planning, land management, information on landed property, licences and residents (from both map and documentary points of view).


Integration solution of the necessary services for the administration of licenses and records of discipline related to the areas of activities, works, building records, public space and urban landscape. It includes online access platforms to request paperwork, the management of subsidies for facades, the own monitoring of projects and the necessary licensing databases, among others.

Archaeological intervention management

Information systems that enable the planning and control of interventions carried out on public roads and squares, where the effect on the city’s archaeological heritage is documented and validated.

Cultural-document management

Information systems enabling the integration of services for managing libraries, document collections and archives.

Fines signature management

System for consulting all information on fines.

Consumer-information management

The technology necessary for administering information provided to the consumer. One the one hand, with the Information System which enables queries, claims and complaints to be managed at the Consumer Information Office (OMIC) and on the other, with the management of requests for arbitration by the Consumer Arbitration Board (JAC).

Communication management

Technological tools for the comprehensive manage of communication processes of the Department of Citizen Care at Barcelona City Council.

Activity management

A solution that enables the processing of permits for starting an activity in accordance with the Municipal Bye-law on Activities and the Comprehensive Intervention of the Environmental Authority (OMAIA). It includes the management of environmental communications, authorisations and licences as mandatory procedures prior to the start of any business activity that needs to be located in any particular premises, facility or office, through which the local authority and/or Department of Territory and Sustainability of the Generalitat [regional government] of Catalonia ensures compliance with the established regulations allowing a specific activity to start in a specific location.

Calendar and facility management

A solution that allows consultations and maintenance of information on the city’s calendar of activities and facilities (ASIA), integrating maintenance and consultations of information on the city’s Events (activities calendar) and Facilities.

Urban-planning information consultations

Urban-planning information integration service for internal municipal management, enabling consultations on information and municipal urban-planning management. It includes areas such as urban planning, land management, information on landed property, licences and residents (from both map and documentary points of view).

Multi-channel communication

Platform for the general management of information which is passed on to the public through various communication channels. Such information may concern events or public works etc. All this information will be accessible to the public through special websites or Barcelona City Council’s website.

Barcelona Guide

Solution that allows consultations and maintenance of information on Barcelona City Council's activities calendar and facilities.

Citizen relations

A system that enables the comprehensive management of requests from citizens and internal services: incidents, complaints, suggestions, service requests, compliments, queries and claims.

In addition, it provides support for the management of the Mayor's Office’s personal and institutional contact information and brings together the 010 and OAC procedures platform for the IMH, the Lost and Found Department and the Municipal Population Register.

Authority, law and public safety management
Exercici de l'autoritat

Solutions that enable the protection of the law and public safety, in particular, measures to facilitate the control and management mechanisms that guarantee the rights of citizens.

Inspection and disciplinary proceedings


  • Granada Nature Rule. Enables valuations of the economic cost of actions on road-lining trees. The calculations are based on the Granada rule, which assesses the cost according to various factors such as type of tree, how deep its roots are, its age, etc. It is only accessible through PDA.
  • List of Infringements. Database containing all the codes for infringements and fines
  • PDA GUB. application This allows procedures to be carried out and managed through the Guàrdia Urbana’s PDA.
  • Inspections It manages planning reports (inspections, refunds and fines) relating to licences and inspections.
  • E-Report. It manages the occupation permits for public roads and squares subject to the GUB's authority: Filming, towing, removals, scaffolding and reserved parking.
  • Women's Assistance Service. It enables the registration, assistance and follow-up of people connected to sex work on the street. It deals with the personal data of people located out on the street and people attended to (ID, health and family data), as well as initiatives relating to assistance processes carried out on them over a specific period of time.
  • Managing traffic fines issued by GUB (Galileo). Register of the Guàrdia Urbana disciplinary activities, carried out through the various input channels: paper, PDA, technical media (radar, etc.)

Safety and prevention

A solution that aims to ensure the correct implementation of security and prevention-related actions carried out by the Guàrdia Urbana de Barcelona (GUB). It includes:

  • Managing orders and instructions generated by GUB and the Fire Brigade, managing data on the Mossos d'Esquadra's police monitoring.
  • ​Technical management of the systems and maintenance of the stock of PDA (Digital Personal Assistant) mobile devices and computers used by GUB, management of Barcelona City Council’s Fire Prevention, Extinction and Rescue Services and management of accidents on public roads.

Continuous improvement

A solution that enables activities for observing and monitoring fulfilment of the City Council’s administrative services and obligations and compliance with current legislation by individuals.
It includes the systems that enable the generation and exploitation (analysis reports and managerial staff) of a specific database on the city for prevention and security

Emergency Assistance

Comprehensive management of the city’s emergencies by prevention and security teams including:

  • Entry of the emergency or incident: emergency telephone hotline 080 and 092, for municipal incidents and emergencies, recording and reporting incidents and emergencies to the Emergency Management Centre, the 112 transfer gateway to the Guàrdia Urbana [Barcelona city police] and Barcelona Fire Brigade, etc.
  • Managing any action required: geolocating incidents, deploying the forces involved in an incident, proposed route to the site of the incident and managing traffic lights, managing available resources, making inter-departmental consultations, sending and receiving incident gateways to and from the Mossos d'Esquadra [Catalan regional police] and the Medical Emergency Systems.
  • Ongoing management of the area: managing the city’s hot spots and planning special-care GUB [city police] initiatives and measures, managing Fire Brigade action reports, generating and sending reports and certificates to Districts, courts, individuals etc., administering historical or statistical consultations and use of data.
Human resources management
Gestió de recursos humans

Solutions that enable the management, administration and coordination of human resources of barcelona city council. It identifies and quantifies the needs of municipal staff to carry out the tasks.

Staff selection

Computer support for the publication and management of announcements for municipal staff selection processes.

Staff administration

Tools for managing staff records, time management, benefits management and organization and administration of resources. Online self-management of benefits by staff.

Internal information management

It includes the systems necessary for managing internal information on Barcelona City Council’s human capital. It also enables the management and maintenance of the municipal intranet's activity and the platform for the exploitation of data and calculation of human-resource indicators.

GUP-SPEIS human resource management

Technology for enabling the management of human resources by the Guàrdia Urbana and Barcelona Fire Brigade, including definitions and consultations of timetables, planned services, distribution of staff within the units, requests for annual leave, evaluation of in-house prevention and safety training courses, among other things.

Staff training

IMI provides the platform for managing the training for all municipal staff.

Payroll calculations

Information systems necessary for calculating the payroll for all municipal employees.

Information systems management
Gestió de Sistemes de Informació

Solutions that manage and implement information systems in the city of Barcelona.

ICT Consultancy

Adviser on quality of Information Technologies, based on thorough knowledge of each municipal unit's activities.

Development and maintenance of applications

Development, maintenance and evolution of efficient and productive ICT solutions for the public and municipal employees.

ICT Quality

Governance of quality of the provision of the ICT services to the City Council, ensuring the quality and security of the services and adapting perceived quality to expected quality.

Baseline information

Designing and managing the municipal baseline-information model, as well as its circuits of maintenance, integration and standardisation of information.

Support services for the ICT Workplace

Support services which enable the daily management of all the ICT tools necessary for the activity of the municipal worker.

ICT infrastructure integration and maintenance

Deployment, monitoring and control of the City Council’s ICT services and systems, including the administration of tasks relating to the running of the infrastructure and applications.

Economic and financial management
Gestió Econòmica

Systems that facilitate technical and administrative management of the financial and economic activity of barcelona city council for its government, organization and analysis of its data.

Patrimony Management

It refers to those systems that help to manage the real estate of the City Council in order to have their historical information. They allow to consult the modifications of the main attributes of a good, over time, as well as manage aggregations and reparcellations of goods, generation of bag of vials, registration of the investments made in an asset and calculation of depreciation.

Tax management

A solution tasked with ensuring tax-payers’ comply with their tax obligations, through actions aimed at encouraging debt payments within voluntary periods. It includes, among other things, managing Barcelona’s vehicles and calculating the tax on mechanically powered vehicles (IVTM), managing property-tax register information and calculating the Landed Property Tax, managing the Economic Activity Tax with information derived from the Tax Agency, managing waste associated with economic activities and managing capital gains (tax on increase in urban land value).

Managing Fines

Solutions for managing the penalty procedure that commences with complaints and the subsequent fines (which result from the processing of complaints in due time and manner) and finishes at the point of collection, when it is passed to collection management.
It includes management of the accusations or defence and also the appeals that may be lodged by the accused if they so wish.
The type of fines that the City Council issues relate to traffic violations and infringements of other regulations: byelaws, Safety Act, etc.

Managing tax and fine collections

A solution that provides support for Barcelona City Council’s collection processes for taxes and fines, necessary for managing tax-payers (registration and maintenance of data on tax-payers), managing voluntary and enforced tax and fine payments (collection management, tax-payer's payment of outstanding debt in instalments, return of undue payments, etc.) and managing collections through distraints. This solution enables, among other things, e-payments of tax receipts by credit card and the management of Barcelona City Council’s e-notifications (Procedures Portal).

Investment management

A solution that enables the management of municipal investments established under PIM (Municipal Term-of-Office Investment Plan), by including the follow-up of the investments’ entire procedure:

  • PIM approval
  • Application and approval of an investment (Green Book, Forecasts Book, Approvals Book etc.,)
  • Investment follow-up (follow-up report by operator, Report on implementation of investment-projects).

Economic and financial management

A solution that comprises economic and financial systems of the City Council, institutes, consortia and companies, incorporating the central IT system of this area and environments that make it up, such as the entering into the accounts of the costs, budgets, investments, and treasury and invoicing management.

Procurement management

IMI provides the technological tools for managing Barcelona City Council’s procurement processes, for registering and processing reports, from proposal to awarding and subsequent follow-up, and termination of the contract.

Financial/bank communication management

Systems that enable the City Council's economic-financial systems to communicate with banks.


A solution that allows the definition and management of Barcelona City Council's income which is not managed by the Municipal Tax Office (IMH) while providing support for the management of the generated invoices’ input and output channels.


A system that enables the processing of purchases from the City Council’s suppliers which includes:

  • Item maintenance and supplier and department standardisation
  • Classification of items by family.
  • Administration of requests, orders, delivery notes and invoices.
  • Preparation of technical reports for purchasing IT material.
  • Credit statement with economic information for budget entries and balance available for purchases.

Budget management

Technology that enables: 

The preparation of the City Council’s income and expenses budget according to Organic, Programme and Economic classifications.
The system has a hierarchical structure based on the three classifications which enables access to and displays the budget under various groupings.

  • Organic Code: shows the internal structure into which Barcelona City Council is organised.
  • Programme or functional code: The aim behind the classification by programme is to group together cross-departmental expenditure carried out for a specific purpose.
  • Economic code: shows the aim of the expenses, in other words, what the budget is spent on.

The management of the financial economic system of Barcelona City Council’s business entities and companies.
The modules it envisages are:

  • General financial accounts
  • Accounts payable
  • Accounts receivable
  • Third-party management
  • Client invoices
  • Purchases
  • PIM management
  • Availability control
  • Analytical accounting
  • Fixed assets.
Planning and management of urban space
Gestió i planificació de l'espai urba

Solutions that facilitate the management of urban planning, direction and execution of urban activities, design the city plan and the maintenance and renewal of street furniture in the city.

Site and infrastructure management

Support in management of sites in the city's public space.

Parking management

Tools that enable the administration of users’ rights to Barcelona Green Zone parking places and renewal of parking cards, as well as other types of parking in the city.

City Council’s display of geocoded information

Territorial display platform that enables the management and display of Barcelona City Council's map data. The various internal applications and analysis of the data obtained enable several territorial displays (various layers, legends, georeferences etc.)

Telecontrol of urban infrastructures: steps, lifts, irrigation...

Information systems necessary for telecontrol (monitoring and control) of urban infrastructures such as lifts and escalators.

Planning, Management and Urban-Planning Information

A solution that brings together services necessary for planning and urban-planning management as well as the management of related information. It includes:

  • Information and support system for municipal planning and municipal urban-planning management (urban planning, land management, land-registry information, licences and permits and residents).
  • Administration of the Barcelona Architectural Heritage Catalogue.
  • Planning management.
  • Management of Park Güell


Sound-Map Governance

Technology that enables the management, display and analysis of map data. It also incorporates sound-level-meter data on public works and projects and sound maps.

Management of public roads and squares

A solution that enables public roads and squares to be kept in an optimum state through several information systems to:

  • Provide a record of traffic disruptions.
  • Manage breakdowns on the city’s public roads and squares
  • Carry out maintenance of the road network and traffic directions

Territorial Baseline Information Department

Technology for generating, accessing and processing map information necessary for the correct management and planning of the city’s urban space.

Greenery and Biodiversity Management

A solution that aims to boost the city by preserving its biodiversity through conservation programmes for the flora and fauna and the habitats they live in, through the following processes:

  • Territorial evaluation and administration: coordination of the city’s green areas, ensuring their quality and improvement, management and control of budgets and implementation of gardening and maintenance work or tasks, among other things.
  • Conservation: maintenance tasks and improvement of green spaces within their area and trees of influence and maintaining the existing infrastructures in green spaces (work elements, garden huts, pavements, doors etc.,) as well as irrigation networks. It also provides a dialogue with the territory and manages all its incidents, citizens’ claims and complaints, etc.
  • Biodiversity: impetus, deployment and technical coordination of the Greenery and Biodiversity Plan (V+D Plan).

Water-cycle management

Comprehensive management of the water cycle by providing for the following approaches:

  • Supplying: management and monitoring of the city's public, ornamental and monumental fountains, its use of ground water and other alternative water resources and its monitoring of the consumption of water used by MASU (garden irrigation, irrigation and cleaning water for roads, fountains, etc.,) and the power required  for its running.
  • Sanitation: managing, planning, monitoring and inspection of the city's sewerage network and supervising the building work of private sewers, granting the work's repair and monitoring permits.
  • Coastal management: supervision, coordination and management of the Comprehensive Plan for Coastal Management and work of other types and other initiatives on the city’s coast, irrespective of the authority carrying them out.

Street-network management

A solution that aims to provide the Road Network Department with the necessary tools for leading the way in its comprehensive treatment, at every stage, of the city’s road network, including pavements, causeways, public lifts, steps, service galleries and road structures and tunnels. It ensures the maintenance and conservation of these structures as well as the establishment of the appropriate regulations and compliance with these.

Cleaning and Urban-Waste Management

A solution that enables an operative management of the city’s waste and cleaning service which enables the service's automated inventorying, planning, implementation and certification.
In addition, it enables waste to be managed in accordance with the city’s Waste Prevention and Management Plan by putting special emphasis on promoting selective waste and recycling and allowing its economic value to be evaluated and monitored.

Energy self-sufficiency management

A solution that enables the following process:

  • Management and maintenance of the city’s public lighting facilities.
  • Application of regulations for reducing sound pollution.
  • Design and maintenance of the implementation of the Barcelona Energy Self-Sufficiency Plan and other related plans promoting renewable energies, the city's energy-efficiency saving and management of the byelaw on solar thermal energy, among other things.

Licenses and permits

An integrating solution for the services necessary for ensuring that all regulations, procedures and criteria that affect the licences and permits procedure and notifications of public works and activities and related planning reports are consistent and standardised throughout Barcelona City Council.

Technical support
Support tècnic intern

Solutions that support the administrative tasks undertaken by the city council; as well as support in technical matters requiring specific knowledge.

Municipal building maintenance

IT tools and support for the economic and financial system of the City Council and its bodies: Budgetary and financial accounting; purchases and procurement; concessions, compulsory purchases and subsidies.

Continuous improvement

Solutions that ensure the continuous improvement of districts, defining indicators and metrics to be achieved, based on the normative parameters established by municipal byelaws and regulated by Barcelona City Council’s sectoral bodies.

Tax management - collection

IMI provides technology for the technical support necessary for management, inspection and collection of taxes, public-sector charges, fines and other public-law revenue for Barcelona City Council and its independent bodies and other entities.

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