Invoicing the IMI

Instructions for sending invoices through the e-register

Invoices must contain the reference to the contract code and corresponding budget position.

Invoices must include the following tax details:

  • Tax Identification Code (CIF): P5801908D
  • Avinguda Diagonal, 220
  • 08018 Barcelona

Issues to consider:

  • The entry points for e-invoices are Pimefactura and CAOC.
  • The DIR3 code that has to be stated in all fields is LA0007818, which corresponds to the Municipal Institute of Information Technology.



Instructions for online designations of creditors' bank accounts online

Any natural or legal person that is to receive a payment from the Barcelona Municipal Institute of Information Technology must designate a bank account in their name, online, where they wish the payment to be made.

This procedure requires users to have an electronic certificate of representation of the legal person or entity without legal personality that they are acting on behalf of or, if acting on their own behalf, a natural person certificate, or other equivalent medium- or high-level security system.

Note that the bank account may be changed at any time. The latest designated account will be the only one considered valid.

For further information and entering this online procedure, click on:

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