Supplier monthly report

Approved suppliers must submit a monthly report setting out a list of contracts based on a framework agreement awarded to them since the start of the framework agreement for the development of ICT projects, stating which contracts on the list are active, as well as their status and a breakdown of the related billing and compliance with the SLA. You must also include in the report any risks or problems identified in the previous month, as well as proposals for improvement.

These risks or problems must relate to the operation of the framework agreement (planning, tenders, etc.) rather than to the risks involved in the performance of the projects. Said projects shall have a management and escalation mechanism set forth in the contract based on a framework agreement (which will usually be the steering committee and the project monitoring committee).

The report must be completed as per  template  provided by the IMI and must be sent to within the first seven days of the month immediately following the month to which the report relates.



This report is only mandatory for suppliers who have ongoing contracts based on a framework agreement. Others may submit them voluntarily for the purpose of mentioning any risks or proposals for improvement of the framework agreement.

Companies that are approved for several lots must submit a separate report for each lot.


The report must be named in accordance with the following format:

Lot X_YYYY_MM_Report_ProviderName  

(Where X is the lot number  and YYYY and MM are the year and month to which the report relates)

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