Digital Transition Plan

The Digital Transition Plan is the roadmap that includes, among other things, the ICT Plan’s projects for this term of office, the sectoral plans for each manager’s office, the technology plan of the Municipal Institute of Information Technology (IMI) and the mainstreaming plan.

It is led strategically by the Manager's Office for Digital Innovation and Transition at Barcelona City Council and governed, coordinated and implemented by the IMI. 

This plan is aimed at making authorities more efficient and capable, with a greater capacity for providing service to an increasingly digitised public. The key components for implementing Barcelona City Council's Internal Digitisation Plan are as follows: 

  • The Technology Plan features all the initiatives — not just the properly technological ones but also others which are methodological and tool-building — which support the IMI’s own functions, of the internal transition of people and their capabilities, invariably cross-cutting in nature.
  • The Sectoral Plan is a collection of the various sectoral plans of the City Council’s various areas and features a set of initiatives that meet the needs and goals of each of Barcelona City Council’s manager's offices and initiatives in line with the Municipal Action Plan (PAM).
  • The Cross-cutting Plan leads and promotes the incorporation of the City Council’s new digital model. This plan’s initiatives are transforming the relationship with city residents towards a more pro-active model through the automation of procedural tasks, by ensuring secure online access.

In addition, Barcelona City Council is building relations with European Commission, through the IMI in the areas of ICTs and Smart Cities, and working together with other European cities on European projects, making Barcelona one of the leading models for many countries on the continent.

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