Digital Transformation Plan

The Digital Transformation Plan is the roadmap of the projects from the ICT Plan for this term, which includes the Sectorial Plans of each Management, the Technological Plan of the IMI and the Plan of the New Law of Administrative Procedure. It is strategically led by the Commissioner of Technology and Digital Innovation of the Barcelona City Council and governed, coordinated and executed by the Institut Municipal d’Informàtica (IMI). 

The aims of this plan are to make the administration more efficient and more capable of serving the increasingly digitized citizens. The key components to carry out the Digital Transformation Plan of the Ajuntament de Barcelona are: 

  •  The Technological Plan includes all the initiatives (technological, methodological and construction tools) that provide support to the functions of the IMI, always with a cross-cutting nature.
  • The Sectorial Plan is the set of different sectorial plans of the different areas of the Barcelona City Council and includes a set of technological initiatives which are based on the needs and objectives of each Management of the  Barcelona City Council and aligned with the actions of the Municipal Plan action (PAM).
  • The Plan of Law 39/2015 of the Common Administrative Procedure of the Public Administrations (CAPPA); it considers electronic processing as a source to provide support for Public Administrations to serve citizens in a better way regarding efficiency, effectiveness, cost savings, transparency and security guarantees.

In addition, the Barcelona City Council, through the IMI, relates to the ICT and Smart Cities areas from  the European Commission as well as with other European cities working together in European Projects. Thus, Barcelona becomes one of the reference models for many European countries.





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