Scrum@IMI framework for suppliers

What is Scrum @IMI

Agile methodologies are a set of practices which are intended to improve software-development processes so that the product, from the outset, is really what the people using it need it to be. The Scrum work framework is a process in which a series of good practices are continually applied for working in a team and obtaining the best possible results for a project.

Scrum @IMI is an adaptation of the Scrum work framework for the IMI's development projects. This framework not only puts the focus on enhancing the user experience but also enables projects to be measured and prioritised better, to deliver projects with greater flexibility, to work on requirements with technical teams and to reduce delivery times.

It therefore enables teams to be created where users of the application validate the product in periodic deliveries, so-called sprints, and they work together with development teams. That way it ensures results with value for users are achieved and promotes feedback within the team, fostering continuous improvements.

The introduction of agile methodologies into the City Council’s projects has brought about a series of benefits, notable among which is the user's experience when working in a team. That means the adoption of new ways of performing are moving beyond the field of technology and studies are being carried out into their application in other areas at Barcelona City Council.


Projectes àgils IMI
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Scrum @IMI for providers

For the purposes of improving the delivery of strategic projects as well as the internal need for transformation, the Municipal Institute of Information Technology (IMI) has established the Scrum @IMI work framework. This work framework is an adaptation of Scrum in the context of IMI and is aimed at making the most of the advantages of this set of agile practices and tools.

This adaptation has been created in accordance with any conditioning factors that may appear in IMI and Barcelona City Council, such as the need to work with developments that have closed scopes, budgets and durations (in accordance with traditional procurement rules).

The Municipal Institute of Information Technology (IMI) is the tool for carrying out this transformation, with the aim of improving the delivery of strategic projects as well as the internal need for transformation, which is based on the principles of the Agile Manifesto and the adoption of the Scrum work framework in agile developments.

By clicking here you can go to the description of the Scrum @IMI work framework as Scrum's adaptation to the context of IMI and Barcelona City Council. It is focused on taking advantage, as far as possible, of these good agile practices, used extensively today in the world of software and service development.

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