Mobile Services Office

The Mobile Services Office (OSAM, by its name in Catalan) is part of the Digital Channels Department at the Municipal Institute of Information Technology’s Development Department.
OSAM offers support for the development, maintenance and evolution of mobile apps and mobile-service initiatives for the people of Barcelona and, potentially, for employees of the City Council and its subsidiary public companies. We manage the launch of these apps on the main mobile app markets. OSAM provides the infrastructure, development standards, QA process and common, cross-cutting software for each app.

The aim of OSAM is to guarantee the good quality of all Barcelona City Council's mobile apps


OSAM provides support from within the City Council for the supplier company and the person responsible for the app, in carrying out a series of actions before the app's launch on the current markets with the desired level of technical and functional quality. The Office must be contacted before any app development work has begun. Ideally, the Office should be included from the conceptualisation stage, before an app's creation process starts. OSAM’s functions throughout the creation process are as follows:

At the conceptualisation stage, it provides support for defining the goals to achieve and the app’s target users, main features and most suitable technical. format

At the project's procurement and development stage, it helps with the definition of functional and technical requirements for procurement, technical support during the project, quality assurance and compliance with functional and technical requirements.

At the testing and launch stage, it validates the app's quality on as many devices as possible, launches in app shops on behalf of Barcelona City Council and provides incident-resolution support during launches.

At the app's maintenance and update stage, it provides support for improving the app's downloads and use, in updates depending on compliance with the app shops’ new requirements, and for users and incident resolution.


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Finally, if you are in charge of a City Council app and wish to develop it, we recommend you contact OSAM before start the development of the app




We will not release any mobile application versions in the iOS and Android markets that have not been previously planned with the respective project managers of OSAM. In case of need, please contact them.


The technical requirements for the development of mobile applications for Barcelona City Council has been updated to version 10.1. A brief overview of the changes in this version

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