The LGBTI Centre is organising the “Let’s Colour Diversity” Illustration Competition

07/10/2020 - 09:53

The competition is part of the Festival Barcelona Dibuixa's activities programme, which takes place from 10 to 25 October.

The aim of the competition is involve to citizens in discovering the LGBTI reality and in encouraging creative and artistic expression in the realm of sexual and gender diversity.

The LGBTI Centre de Barcelona is calling for entries for the 1st “Let’s Colour Diversity” Illustration Competition. The competition’s aims are to raise awareness and involve city residents in discovering the LGBTI reality which is far removed from clichés and stereotypes, to fight LGBTI-phobia and achieve a fairer and more egalitarian society.

The competition is included in the Festival Barcelona Dibuixa’s activities programme organised by the Museu Picasso and Barcelona Institute of Culture and taking place this year from 10 to 25 October. Under this initiative, the LGBTI Centre aims to continue its commitment to taking part in cultural projects already in progress in the city, to boost creative and artistic expression in the realm of sexual and gender diversity.

“Acolorim la diversitat” [Let’s colour diversity] is open to participation from everyone who lives, works or studies in the city of Barcelona, irrespective of their age and previous artistic knowledge. Entered works will have to uploaded between 10 and 25 October to the Festival Barcelona Dibuixa‘s website. The competition is open to any work that advocates the various expressions of sexual and gender diversity, that aims to raise awareness of LGTBI-phobia or reflect on the various models of sexual-affective relations beyond stereotypes and clichés.

The Jury will publish its decision this coming 11 November, on the LGBTI Centre’s website. Winners will receive a batch of artistic material as their prize. Credit will be given in particular, among other criteria, to aspects such as capacity to show the diversity of the LGBTI collective, discrimination on the grounds of affectivity, sexuality or gender and the work’s potential as a medium for raising awareness and reflection. The competition’s terms and conditions are published on the LGBTI Centre’s website ( and on the Festival Barcelona Dibuixa’s website.