Exposició temporal Escultures sonores
21.03.2011 to 19.12.2011

The exhibition showed about a thirty sculptures and musical structures Baschet Brotherscom plaques de metall, barres de cristall, cons de plàstic, ressorts, etc.

17.06.2010 to 28.02.2011

At the Museum you will find a typical Dutch oil painting from the 17th century that shows a lute player, several prints from the 18th and 19th centuries, caricatures, portraits, busts, tribute parchments dedicated to Isaac Albéniz, Enric Granados, Enric Morera, Joaquim Malats, Emili Pujol, Onia...

02.10.2009 to 30.11.2009

L'exposició va oferir una aproximació als instruments musicals i a les danses de les cultures de Guinea Equatorial. Les ètnies fang, bubi, ndowe, fernandins, annobonesa i bissio hi estaven representades amb peces procedents d'importants col·leccions com la d'Iñigo Aranzadi. La coincidència d'...

Isaac Albéniz amb la seva filla Laura. Arxiu històric del museu
11.03.2009 to 27.09.2009

The exhibition, presented in commemoration of the centenary of the death of the composer, invites us to take a walk through the life and work of the composer-pianist Isaac Albéniz (Camprodon, 1860 - Cambo-les-Bains, 1909), from the beginnings of his intense career to his final days in France,...

18.04.2008 to 28.07.2008

Enric Granados and Pau Casals are two of the foremost Catalan musicians of our times. Granados, through the piano, and Casals, with the cello, contributed to the artistic creation of the 20th century.