Guitar On/Off
20.09.2016 to 27.11.2016

The Museu de la Música presents the exhibition “Guitar ON/OFF”, where the public can play a giant guitar.

20.05.2016 to 08.01.2017

This exhibition aims to remember the musical movement that took place in Catalonia in the late eighties and early nineties and finally break out in the big concert of the Palau Sant Jordi on 14 June 1991.

The four groups that participated – Sopa de Cabra, Sau, Sangtraït and Els...

Miquel Llobet
03.11.2015 to 17.01.2016

Five suitcase display cases in the Museum's Catalan Musicians Room present a small sampling of graphic work, manuscripts and documents on the artistic setting and international dimension of Miquel Llobet. Visitors will have the chance to see photographs of Llobet's childhood and youth, pictures...

Música trdimiensional
25.10.2015 to 17.01.2016

This exhibition presents the works of the 20 artists selected in the 1st International "Three-Dimensional Music" Competition in homage to the guitar: Ángel Arribas, Glòria Coronas, Díaz Castedo, Gonzalo García, Roser Garriga, William George, Catharina Kajander, Solange Keschmann, Verònica Leiva...

Veus de la Mediterrània
29.01.2015 to 27.09.2015

The audiovisual recordings for the exhibition are the result of recent, original and painstaking fieldwork. Over 80 hours of footage filmed ​​between August 2009 and February 2014 in around 20 locations, in both western and eastern Mediterranean countries.

18.12.2014 to 27.09.2015

The Phonos Laboratory was created in 1974. Josep Maria Mestres Quadreny, Andrés Lewin-Richter and Lluís Callejo opened this pioneering centre devoted to experimentation, creation and dissemination in then field of electroacoustic music.

15.05.2014 to 29.10.2014

"The Musics of 1714" presents the transformations undergone by music during the War of the Spanish Succession and shows how the memory of Catalonia's defeat was preserved in songs and other musical creations inspired by the myth of 1714. Tricentenari BCN 1714-2014.  

29.09.2013 to 20.04.2014

The Fundación La Fontana was established in 1992 to house, conserve and study a collection of musical instruments from Africa, Asia, America and Oceania. Its size and volume make it unique on...