What it is

The Strategic Tourism Plan 2020 has initiated an intense process of reflection and generation of shared knowledge about tourism in the city and its effects. It has addressed the key challenge of managing tourism in the city by making it compatible with the other needs of the multiple, complex and heterogeneous city that is Barcelona.

The Strategic Tourism Plan 2020 has developed the roadmap for tourism policies for the next 5 years based on seven initial provisions that establish how to design and manage tourism. The seven initial provisions are:

  • The co-constitutive relationship of tourism and the city
  • From tourism model to tourism city
  • From tourist to visitor: widening the tourism spectrum
  • Tourism, a collective issue
  • The comprehensive management of tourism
  • Variable destination geometries
  • Sustainability and competitiveness: an unbeatable pairing

The criteria that guided the process of creating the Plan are: 

The result of this process of reflection was the definition of a tourism strategy for Barcelona firmly aimed at guaranteeing the destination’s sustainability, promoting, fostering and demanding responsibility for the actions, practices and activities that make up the city today, shaping the city of the future.

The tourism strategy has been drafted by:

  • Defining 5 areas: Governance, Tourism Management, Territorial Strategy, Jobs and Enterprise, and Promotion and Marketing, between them covering 80 strategic challenges.
  • Defining 10 strategic programmes detailing 30 lines of action and 100 measures which must respond to strategic challenges:

Informative material

The Plan's 10 strategic programmes are: