In this section you will find relevant information on the meetings, input and participatory sessions for the Strategic Tourism Plan.

Municipal Action Plan and District Action Plans (2016-2019)

The session held for the Municipal Action Plan and the participatory sessions for the District Action Plans laid the foundations for the Strategic Plan.

Strategic Tourism Plan (2016-2020)

The working groups Strategic Tourism Plan working groups carried out a joint analysis and examined in detail specific issues of special relevance. Each group had an expert in the field who acted as a rapporteur.

Meetings for the Strategic Plan's work groups
Data Document Rapporteur Minutes  
April 20, 2016 Tourism in the districts (CAT) Jordi Moll
May 17, 2016 Employment relations and policies in the tourist sector (CAT) Nemo Remesar
May 18, 2016 Tourist marketing for a sustainable and responsible destination(CAT) Joan Manuel Ribera
May 20 and June 10, 2016 The private sector's relationship with the Authorities(CAT) Ángel Díaz
May 23, 2016 Collaborative and other economies (CAST) Paolo Russo
Elsa Soro
May 24, 2016 Planning and urban-development management tools around tourism in the territory(CAT) Ricard Pié
Josep Mª Vilanova
May 26, 2016 Territorial strategy and tourism management in the metropolitan area(CAT) Francesc López-Palomenque
May 27, 2016 Sustainable and responsible enterprise(CAT) Josep Capellà
May 31, 2016 Barcelona: tourism intelligence and the city (CAT) Luis Falcón
June 1, 2016 City, heritage and tourism (CAT) Saida Palou
June 6, 2016 Strategies around the trade and catering sector (CAT) Josep Francesc Valls
June 16, 2016 Turisme de Barcelona today (CAT) Enric Truñó
June 15 and 20, 2016 The effect of cruises on destinations (CAT) Daniel Imbert
Ramon Serrat