New government measure to triple municipal solar power generation through to 2027

Presented at April’s full council meeting, the new government measure seeks to boost solar power generation in the city to meet one of the main points in the Barcelona Climate Agreement, which includes the challenge of the city becoming carbon neutral by 2030.

Tres dones caminen sota la pèrgola fotovoltaica instal·lada en la cobertura de la Ronda de Dalt a l’alçada de la Vall dHebron
25/04/2024 - 17:52 h - Environment and sustainability Ajuntament de Barcelona

The goal is to triple the municipal solar power potential between now and 2027, rising from 117 installations in 2023, generating the equivalent to the consumption of 3,178 households a year (5,848 kWp), to 384 installations and a potential of 19,244 kWp, the annual consumption of 10,450 households, saving 8,660 tonnes of CO2. In the longer term, the aim is to reach 27.244 kWp in 2030, representing a fivefold increase in the power generation from 2023.

Power generation and management in the municipal sphere

The government measure focuses on city facilities with solar generation on their rooftops and which also opt to convert other urban infrastructures or spaces into power generating points. These include municipal nursery schools, district offices, municipal libraries, municipal offices, social and cultural centres, pergolas in public spaces, stands at municipal football grounds, public car parks, schools and municipal sports centres.

In all, 207 new installations should come into operation between now and 2027. Of these, 38 have already been tendered and 169 are at the project stage, with an overall budget of 32.1 million euros.

Collaboration and support for private producers

Individuals and companies looking to add solar power generation to their buildings have two options available to them for support:

  • MES Barcelona: this public-private collaboration initiative invests in the installation of solar panelling and in energy renovation, with the administration providing up to 30% of the investment.
  • Moment Solar Barcelona: a project to support owner/tenant communities in the entire process and with decisions relating to the installation of solar panelling on buildings.