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MES Barcelona

MES Barcelona is the new energy transformation plan from the City Council which enables you to install photovoltaic plaques in your building free of charge.

MES Barcelona

About the project

The Barcelona Sustainable Energy Mechanism (MES Barcelona), a tool to support and accelerate the city’s energy transition alongside private investors. 

The tool is intended to encourage investment in solar panelling and energy renewal in the city.


The mechanism’s priority aim is to boost the production of photovoltaic energy in the city based on private initiatives, focusing on projects that use both large spaces (the roofs of industrial buildings and warehouses, of office buildings or of other places in the city) and roofs and flat rooftops of residential buildings by grouping together several residential buildings which, together, can make the entire investment manageable as well as scalable.

In addition, investments are expected to be made in energy renovation projects for buildings with a high energy consumption, such as hospitals, hotels and sports facilities.

Finally, MES Barcelona also intends to invest in projects to boost innovation in the renewable energy economic sector.

How does it work?

MES Barcelona is a financial investment mechanism from Barcelona City Council. This €50-million municipal endowment will therefore be used for investment projects proposed by City Council-approved investors. These approved investors are a group of investors with experience investing in photovoltaic installations and energy renovation.

When it comes to selecting investments, the City Council will require these to focus on either photovoltaic solar panel installations or energy renovation where the business model does not require co-funding from the owners of the buildings. Investors will contribute 100% of the investment, which they will recover through the surplus energy or energy savings resulting from the operations funded by them.

In the case of investors specialising in photovoltaic energy, among other criteria, there will be a guarantee that these funds diversify the installation of photovoltaic solar panels in several types of building (residential, tertiary and industrial buildings) and encourage self-consumption, energy communities and the installation of electric vehicle charging points and so on. Private investors will be able to suggest improvements regarding the use and exploitation of community roofs.


Approved energy companies:

In March 2021, Barcelona City Council’s Economy and Tax Office Commission approved the first companies and business groups that can be approved investors in the Barcelona Sustainable Energy Mechanism (MESBarcelona).  These companies are: Endesa; GVC; Accelera Energia; Iberdrola; Naturgy Iberia, SA; Suma Capital SGECR, SA; Hengdian Group / ENERparking Sunstroom, i Intermoney Titulización SGFT, SA.

The diversity of companies enables very diversified investment strategies to be proposed, encompassing different types of buildings and actions: residential buildings, offices, industrial warehouses, car parks, and public infrastructures and buildings committed to implementing clean energy (solar panels), building renovation, and even the possible production of green hydrogen.

The investor approval process is open-ended, so start-ups will be able to join the MESBarcelona project in upcoming calls. Initially, there will be two calls per year, in addition to the new approval calls that will emerge.

Action Areas

The co-investment will be carried out in several groups of projects seeking to make energy improvements in the city with regard to:

  • Active measures: installation of photovoltaic solar panels and other renewable energy sources.
  • Passive measures: improving insulation, replacing windows and building envelopes, improving façades, etc.
  • Technological innovation in renewable energies.

The measures will apply to all the buildings in the city:

–     Tertiary or service buildings belonging to public entities and private (offices, hotels, sports facilities, etc.,) and industrial companies.

–      Residential buildings (with a sole owner, with owners who rent them out, owners’ associations, etc.)

–      Public space elements.

–      Charging points (including public and private car parks).

–      Companies and entrepreneurs working on innovative energy improvement projects.

  • Others directly relating to the above.

The increase in installed photovoltaic power and building renovation is expected to reduce energy consumption in the city and increase local production. It is estimated that the mechanism can potentially increase current local renewable-energy generation by 66%.

Benefits of the programme

– Ensuring investment in Barcelona. Several initiatives are emerging in Spain (offers from energy operators and proposals from investment funds) to increase the number of photovoltaic power installations. The Sustainable Energy Mechanism can be an element that ensures part of this investment is made in Barcelona in spite of the difficulties that may presumably be involved in investing in photovoltaic energy in a compact city such as Barcelona.

– Ensuring an investment model that provides added value to citizens. This is based on an investment model in which the assets - the photovoltaic solar panels - ultimately belong to the public, the owners of the buildings. However, the added value is also based on making a better use of roofs, not just from the solar point of view but also in terms of the space itself, which can be converted into a green roof or a space for social use.

Ensuring an investment model that is appealing to all residents of Barcelona ​​regardless of their financial means. Under the planned business model, the investment is not recovered through payment by the owners of the buildings but through the savings resulting from a more sustainable consumption. Promoting the Sustainable Energy Mechanism therefore guarantees that this investment can be extended to every neighbourhood in Barcelona.

Approved energy companies

These are the energy companies taking part in each of the various areas of the MES Barcelona programme. They have all been approved by Barcelona City Council. If you are considering taking part in the project, you can contact the companies in your field of interest.

  • The Iberdrola group is a global leader in renewable energy and sustainability. We are focused on giving our customers added value with products geared towards energy efficiency and sustainability, moving towards carbon-free energy. To achieve this, we have developed complete products linked to large-scale and small-scale solar energy creation, solar communities, recharging points for electric vehicles, heat and aerothermal pumps and green hydrogen production.

    Action areas:

    All types of buildings: installation of photovoltaic panels, recharging points, battery storage and climate control / aerothermics. And green hydrogen production.

    Contact details:

    • 900224522



  • We are an independent investment management company, clearly committed to helping build the future we believe in. We use our impact funds to finance projects linked to the energy transition and the circular economy and which generate a positive impact for businesses, people and the environment. This is our commitment and we want you to be a part of it.

    Action areas:

    Any type of sustainability project or groups of projects, based on assets and which involve an investment of more than €2 million.

    Contact details:

    • 933680203


    Approved investor:

    Suma Capital SGECR, SA

    Suma Capital

  • We are a multi-national group with operations in over 30 countries, with nearly 22 million customers. Our efforts are geared towards meeting the needs of our customers, providing them with the best products and services for gas and electricity alike.

    Action areas:

    Installation of photovoltaic panels, recharging points, battery storage and climate control / aerothermics in all sorts of buildings. Biomethane production. Hydrogen and natural gas stations.

    Contact details:

    • 900 900 413

    Approved investor:



  • HolaDomus Barcelona offers property owners and owner/tenant communities personalised advice and support on energy renewal for buildings through energy savings and the use of clean energy.

    Action areas:

    Installation of photovoltaic panels, energy renovation, recharging points, battery storage and climate control / aerothermics in residential, commercial, industrial and public buildings.

    Contact details:

    • 936559848


  • Acelera was conceived as the result of extensive experience in the renewable energy sector and a strong commitment to a fair and sustainable energy transition. Acelera’s goal is to use our experience in the latest technology as a lever for accelerating the energy transition.

    Action areas:

    Installation of photovoltaic panels and recharging points in all types of buildings, outdoor car parks and leisure areas, excepting residential buildings. Energy renovation and battery storage in commercial and industrial buildings.

    Contact details:

    • 683170577


    Acelera Alternativas Energéticas SA

  • At Endesa we are working to bring about a new energy model based on clean energy, enabling us to offer better service and look after our planet. We want to help create a model based on clean energy which is respectful towards the natural environment and sustainable development. We are working to lead the technological transformation which our sector is undergoing.

    Action areas:

    Photovoltaic panels in public buildings and vehicle recharging points everywhere.

    Contact details:

    • 800760161


    Approved investor:



  • ENERparking is our solution to generate photovoltaic energy within urban areas. It’s about roofing public and private areas, to convert them into 100% green energy power plants. A ground-level alternative to the roof-top PV installations, upgrading the usability of car parks, kids playgrounds, sports facilities and much more.

    Action areas:

    Installation of semi-transparent photovoltaic roof covers, EV charging points and battery storage in all types of buildings and green hydrogen production in commercial, industrial and public buildings. Hydrogen stations.

    Contact details:

    • 948119438


    Approved investor:

    Hendian Group DMEGC Magnetic


Apply now!

Apply for your building to be assessed

To take part, you need to send us an application to register. Once we have received your application request, we will send it on to the investment companies who will get in touch with you to study the viability of the project and define the conditions. 

Once you have filled out the application form, you will receive an application code and the contact details of the companies we have sent your request on to. If you have any questions about the project or you would like to keep abreast of its progress, access to the monitoring space.



  • The owners of the buildings (individuals, communities of property owners, companies, asset-holding companies, etc.) interested in taking part in the project must register using the form on this website. Barcelona City Council will send the application on to the investment companies with an investment strategy that is compatible with the characteristics of the applicant's building.

    Even if owners do not register using the form, authorised companies can approach owners directly.

  • Once the application has been received, the investment companies will carry out a feasibility study based on the characteristics of the building, including number of square meters of roof space available, hours of sunlight, state of repair and insulation, etc., in line with the type of intervention requested.

    In the event of a positive feasibility analysis, the companies and owners of the buildings must sign a contract that sets out the type of investment, the forecast return period to finance it, and the deadline for when the ownership/title deed of the investment will pass to the owner of the building.

  • The installation of solar panels under MESBarcelona is not a subsidy.

    It is an investment that is self-financing for the period of time the contract is in force via the energy saving or the energy generated, which will happen once the investment has been made.

  • The owners of the building will not have to make any disbursement or payment. In fact, depending on the type of project decided on and each individual case, they may even enjoy savings on their energy bills right from the word go.

    Once the contracted period of time of between five and ten years has ended, and in the case of the solar panel installations, the owners of the building will then own the installed infrastructure themselves, according to the terms of the contract (it must be remembered, for example, that solar panels currently have a useful life of 25 years, pursuant to the decision of the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes of the World Bank).   

    Once the return on investment has been made and the installed infrastructure becomes the building owners’, the entire energy and cost savings produced will be theirs to enjoy.

  • If you are a tenant, then you have to speak to the owner of the flat or building because only owners can apply to take part in the programme.

  • You will have to propose to the community of property owners that the legally authorised representative make the application via this website.

  • In this case, you can investigate either other municipal programmes to subsidise solar installations or the energy-saving renovation grants and subsidies that you will find on this website.

Monitoring space

If you have had a problem with the procedure for contacting any of the companies, you can let us know using the following form and we will assist.