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Innovative solutions for a sustainable future

InnovAcció 2030

The INNOVACCIÓ 2030 programme is Barcelona’s commitment to speeding up sustainable and social urban innovation as a basic tool for achieving Agenda 2030. The goal is to meet the needs and demands of the city and its residents in an open and collaborative way.

Accordingly city challenges will be identified and launched through open competitions. The winning proposals will be applied in a real context. The ones that prove successful can be integrated into innovative public procurement processes and deployed in the market. In each case an ideas tender is put out whose purpose is find the technical solution that best meets the challenge and select the successful tenderer who, having proposed the solution, will implement it in a pilot test.

Its goals are to:

  • Find appropriate and innovative solutions for the city’s new challenges and demands, through calls published on the Innovation 2030 platforms.
  • Stimulate urban innovation in an open, collaborative way, fostering collaboration between the public, private, social and academic sectors.
  • Promote open exchanges with other cities.
  • Procure and pilot these solutions in a real environment (Barcelona) with the aim of validating the winning technological proposals and their impact.
  • Explore the possibilities of scaling solutions with more impact and potential towards other geographical areas or a higher number of beneficiaries.
  • Promote the economic and social ecosystem decisively, in collaboration with several areas and organisations, by creating new windows of opportunity for innovation initiatives that offer a viable and sustainable response to the new urban challenges.
  • Promote the implementation and achievement of Agenda 2030 in Barcelona.

Barcelona City Council’s Commissioner for Agenda 2030, BSM (Barcelona de Serveis Municipals SA) and Mobile World Capital have established a collaborative framework for promoting innovation in important issues for the purposes of achieving the sustainable development goals (SDGs) through INNOVATION 2030 challenges.


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1. Definition of the challenges

Various interested parties are brought together to define challenges and establish the partnerships needed for carrying out the project.

2. Call for participation

The challenge is communicated to city residents and the relevant players in concise messages through the most effective online and offline channels.

3. Assessment of the solutions

Experts assess the proposed solutions and deliberate under an iterative process before finally choosing the winners.

4. Presentation of the winners

The winning solutions are publicly presented to raise the profile of the project and its participants.

5. Development and implementation

The implementation of innovation pilots with various City Council areas and municipal players.

6. Scaled

Successfully implemented projects may be integrated into innovative public procurement processes and rolled out in the market.

For city residents:

  • Better satisfies their real needs.
  • Incorporates innovative assets or services for improving public services.

For businesses:

  • Offers contacts and collaboration with the innovation ecosystem.
  • Speeds up urban innovation.
  • Provides a platform for developing and testing solutions.
  • Offers potential for showcasing and rolling out projects on city and international levels.

For universities and research centres:

  • Promotes technological innovation at the service of city residents.
  • Enables participation in project-definition processes.
  • Encourages collaboration with other players.

For the public authority:

  • Structures and boosts innovation centred on the values of social, environmental and technological sustainability.
  • Combines innovation with economic and technical efficiency.
  • Promotes an internal cultural change.


  • This is a new way to meet one of the city’s complex needs that requires innovative solutions.  A challenge begins with an open question for discovering new approaches for solving social and urban problems.

  • Calls are open to individuals and organisations from the private, public, social and academic sectors. Calls are international in their scope. Eligibility criteria may differ in each call and are specified in the competition rules for each challenge.

  • 1. Launch of the challenge

    2. Presentation of proposals (between six and eight weeks)

    3. Evaluation: selection of finalists and winner(s) (between four and five weeks)

    4. Award ceremony

    5. Demonstrator (between three and six months): implementation of the winning solution in a real context.

    • Pilot test: Carrying out a pilot test of your solution in a real context validates your proposal and its impact. You will have an opportunity to be assessed by a group of experts.
    • Benchmark: Implements your solution in Barcelona, an international benchmark in smart, sustainable and humane cities.
    • Showcase: Showcase the implementation of the solution.
  • Submit your proposal with the requisite information on the link page for each challenge which will take you to the Procedures Portal.

Other innovation spaces

Barcelona is working to establish itself as the innovation capital of southern Europe and as the mechanism for attracting and mobilising resources geared to building a competitive and sustainable local economic development model.

    BIT Habitat is a municipal foundation whose goal is to promote urban innovation in Barcelona, in its social, economic, technological and environmental aspects, to meet the challenges facing cities.

    The Commissioner for Digital Innovation at Barcelona City Council is working to support entrepreneurship and promote inclusion in the digital economy. Boosting the use of digital technology for tackling social challenges and promoting circular-economy models.

    Barcelona Innovation Coast (BIC) is a new public-private platform that aims to boost the urban innovation area concentrated in Barcelona’s coastal area, while helping to diversify the city’s economy.