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2nd 2030 Agenda Meeting

2nd 2030 Agenda Meeting

In 2015, all States of the world approved the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. It consists of 17 objectives (the SDGs) that want to transform the ways of producing and consuming, of social organizing and policy making. In this turbulent 21st century, it is about ensuring that humanity can develop well, without poverty, at peace with itself and with the planet that hosts it. With all its limitations, the SDGs are today the only truly global framework for action we have to face the enormous challenges ahead, and the only one compatible with respect for the human rights of all people.

But the 2030 Agenda is only feasible if society gets involved, at all levels. Consistent with its double vocation, municipalist and internationalist, the Barcelona City Council has adopted the SDGs as a framework of reference for its policies. It is about working from close proximity to improve people's lives, but with connection and commitment to the world; especially with sister cities, with which Barcelona shares difficulties, hopes and dreams.

With this spirit we present the Second Conference of the Barcelona 2030 Agenda. Two days of face-to-face meetings, designed to generate exchange, open discussion and transformative energy. Faced with such a complicated scenario, we asked ourselves how the SDGs can positively influence the governance of cities, driving change and making them accountable for the work done. We also saw how this is being done, in Barcelona and in other places, and we will talk about how to better coordinate the action for the SDGs that is carried out by the various administrations.

The second day has been dedicated to one of the most critical factors for sustainable development: energy. The transition to forms of energy that do not generate greenhouse gas emissions is an imperative need, which must be made compatible with economic health and social well-being. We are talking about an extremely complex challenge, for which we need a strong and cross-sectional political commitment, but also great flexibility in methods, with the ability to quickly learn from all successful experiences.

In between, on the afternoon of the 29th, the ceremony held to give out the first Awards of the Barcelona 2030 Agenda, in 10 different modalities. It was a moment of celebration and recognition for all the schools, entities and companies that have managed to unite commitment and creativity for the SDGs.

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  • Marc Balaguer

    Marc Balaguer

    Director of IVALUA

  • Oriol Barba

    Oriol Barba

    Director of MedCités

  • Laia Bonet

    Laia Bonet

    3rd Deputy Mayor of Barcelona City Council

  • Ramon Canal

    Ramon Canal

    Director of the Technical Planning Department

  • Gabriel Castañares

    Gabriel Castañares

    Director General of Leveraging Policies for the fulfillment of the 2030 Agenda of the Government of Spain

  • Cristina Castells

    Cristina Castells

    Director of the Agència de l’Energia de Barcelona

  • Oriol Estela

    Oriol Estela

    Director of the Barcelona 2030 Metropolitan Strategic Plan

  • Natalia Fabra

    Natalia Fabra

    Chair of Ecnomomics at UC3M

  • Ainara Fernández

    Ainara Fernández

    Senior Researcher at UCLG

  • Pedro Fresco

    Pedro Fresco

    Director General of Economic transition of the GVA

  • Daniel Ibáñez

    Daniel Ibáñez

    Director General of IAAC

  • Julio Lumbreras

    Julio Lumbreras

    Professor at the UPM and coordinator of CitiEs

  • Pablo Martínez Osés

    Pablo Martínez Osés

    Member of the Colectivo la Mundial and Coordinator of the Índex de Coherència de Polítiques per al Desenvolupament

  • Nasir Abdallah Mohammad Qandeel

    Nasir Abdallah Mohammad Qandeel

    Amman Urban Observatory, Member of Amman VLR Committee

  • Jordi Peris

    Jordi Peris

    General Coordinator of Urban Strategies and Sustainable Agenda of the City Council of Valencia

  • Núria Parlón

    Núria Parlón

    Fourth Vice-President of the Diputació de Barcelona

  • Bàrbara Pons

    Bàrbara Pons

    Comissioner for the Barcelona City Council Agenda 2030

  • Arnau Queralt

    Arnau Queralt

    Director of the Consell Assessor pel Desenvolupament Sostenible de Catalunya

  • Raffaele Sisto

    Raffaele Sisto

    CEO of Smart&City Solutions and lecturer

  • Enric Tello

    Enric Tello

    Professor of Economic History at the University of Barcelona

  • Mariona Tomás

    Mariona Tomás

    Professor at the UB

  • Julia Urquijo

    Julia Urquijo

    REDS Researcher and Professor at the UPM

  • Tamyko Ysa

    Tamyko Ysa

    Professor of Strategy and Public Management, ESADE

  • Joan Esteve

    Joan Esteve

    Head of Energy Planning Division, ICAEN

  • Lotfi Ben Aissa

    Lotfi Ben Aissa

    President of the Tunis City Strategy