The city is divided into 10 districts and 73 neighbourhoods. The Guàrdia Urbana has a decentralised presence in the territory, with a territorial unit for each district and four night-time operational units.

Working inside these territorial units are local officers, performing neighbourhood-centred patrols, as well as local-support officers, carrying out specific tasks such as responses to 092/112 requests, radar teams, forest-patrol teams, public-space surveillance teams and complaints offices. The latter three teams have a permanent presence in some territorial units and a temporary one in others, depending on the needs of each territory.


In addition, territorial units have officers who perform specific support work in the community for the Security-Education Service, the Neighbourhood Police and the operational technical-assistance teams.

Finally, as support for each territory’s local needs, the GUB has a series of centralised units: Daytime Support Unit, Traffic Division and Security and Investigation Division.

Besides these, there are also units that are set up seasonally to meet the city’s needs, such as the Beach Unit.

    • Headquarters
      • Chief Superintendent, Head of the Guàrdia Urbana
      • Sotscap de la Guàrdia Urbana
      • Technical Headquarters Office
      • External Relations and Communications Office
      • Ethics and Internal Affairs Unit
      • Attached to Police Headquarters
      • Coordination Division
        • Operational Planning Unit
        • Joint Command Room
        • Analysis and Technical Support Unit
        • Public Works Unit
      • Security and Investigation Division
        • Investigation Unit
        • Police Support Unit
        • Information and Documentation Unit
        • Protection Unit
        • Mounted Unit
      • Road Safety and Traffic Division
        • Central Traffic Unit
        • Recorded Images Complaints Unit
        • Accident Investigation and Prevention Unit
      • Territorial Division
          • 10 Territorial Units
            • Ciutat Vella District's GUB Territorial Unit
            • Eixample District's GUB Territorial Unit
            • Sants-Montjuïc District's GUB Territorial Unit
            • Les Corts - Seu Lluch Gervilla District's GUB Territorial Unit
            • Sarrià - Sant Gervasi District's GUB Territorial Unit
            • Gràcia District's GUB Territorial Unit
            • Horta-Guinardó District's GUB Territorial Unit
            • Nou Barris District's GUB Territorial Unit
            • Sant Andreu District's GUB Territorial Unit
            • Sant Martí District's GUB Territorial Unit
          • 4 Night-Time Operational Units
            • Night-Time Operational Unit 1
            • Night-Time Operational Unit 2
            • Night-Time Operational Unit 3
            • Night-Time Operational Unit 4
          • Daytime Support Unit