Here you will find the procedures managed by the GUB and other associations and institutions relating to safety, positive community life and mobility.

Request for action from the GUB

You can phone the GUB to request action from them.

For regulating traffic for the purposes of loading and unloading materials during which a public road is occupied and for providing extra surveillance services, consult their charges.

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Traffic accident report

Where a traffic accident has occurred and GUB officers have to intervene, those officers prepare a report or police statement with the accident's details and evidence. A copy of that report and the photos taken at the scene of the accident can be requested.

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Requesting a GUB action report

A report that features the GUB patrol's actions in response to an incident the applicant is involved in.

Where this concerns a traffic accident resulting in injuries or material damage, a Traffic Accident Statement will have to be requested.

Where the accident does not result in any injuries or material damage, the action report will suffice.

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Traffic-offence photographs and video footage consultations

You can use this procedure to access photographs and/or video footage that Barcelona City Council may have made regarding a traffic offence.

If you wish to file a claim, you will need to consult the Challenges to or appeals against traffic fines issued by Barcelona City Council procedure.

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