The GUB offers you an opportunity to work for the city and close to its residents:

  • By helping with the normal flow of traffic and improving its safety and speed.
  • By helping people involved in a traffic accident and promoting road-safety education to ensure safer behaviour.
  • By ensuring compliance with byelaws and regulations to help with bringing about a city with better civic behaviour, not just in public spaces but also in dwellings and premises.
  • By preventing people from committing offences or crimes and helping to protect criminal evidence.
  • By protecting specific collectives in situations of need and helping city residents where help is needed.

Who can apply for GUB?

The Guàrdia Urbana (GUB) city police officer selection system requires applicants to take competitive exams and it includes a reservation of places for women. By the last day for submitting applications, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Have Spanish nationality.
  • Be at least 18 years old but not over the age established for compulsory retirement.
  • Have at least completed secondary-education (or equivalent).
  • Have a class B driving licence.
  • Have class A2 driver's licences. Presentations of A2 licences may be deferred, without further postponements, up to the last day of the selection course at the Police School of Catalonia.
  • Not have any criminal convictions or, if they do, have had their criminal liability annulled and their criminal record deleted.


Check here for all the requirements and terms and conditions for taking part in the latest call for job applications.




Stages and tests

Competition exam stage

  • First test: cultural and theorytest
    Two tests: the first one is a general culture test (including the subjects and contents taught in compulsory secondary education as well as the current affairs of the last six months), and the second covers the topics set out in the call for applications.
  • Second test: aptitude tests
    Three tests to assess the applicant's intellectual ability and reasoning processes.
  • Third test: foreign language test
    This test, which is non-disqualifying, consists on answering a test-type questionnaire of written knowledge in English, German, Arabic, French, Italian, Chinese or Urdu corresponding to level B2 of the MERC.
  • Fourth test: physical aptitude test
    Three physical exercises to assess the applicant's agility, maximum static strength and aerobic power.
  • Fifth test: Catalan test
    Applicants must have a Catalan language B2 (formerly level B) intermediate level or above. For exemptions, please see the rules of the call for applicants.
  • Sixth text: personality and skills tests
    Three questionnaires and a personal interview to measure, among other things, the applicant's basic personality traits, clinical traits, personal and social adaptation to the environment and the degree to which he or she fits the requested profile.
  • Seventh text: medical tests
    Medical examination by registered medical practitioners.


Training stage


Selective courseat the Catalan Institute of Public Safety (ISPC).




12-month internship at the Guàrdia Urbana's operational units.