Upcoming tenders over the next three months

You can check out summarised information on the tenders:

1. Presentation of the main procurement indicators of the Framework Agreement’s framework-based contracts

2. Review of the status of the contracts already submitted

3. Dissemination of the next framework-based contracts (June ‘22 – August ‘22):

- Comprehensive management of district events, infrastructures and services  (GEDIS)

- Improvements to the traffic fine management systems eMultes and MonitorMT

- Conversion to SAP S4/HANA of Barcelona City Council’s SAP TRM ECC 6.0

- Construction of automatic tax management based on the DGT file MOVE and on BSM's file of vehicles destroyed and the migration of the SAP BRF tool to BRF+

- SICER Online to SAP

- Development and implementation of the management app for the Barcelona Pet Shelter (CAACB)

- Development and update of the website and middleware for Barcelona City Council’s ‘Getting there’ tool, with sustainable public procurement measures. 

- Evolution of the app for the Lost Property Office