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06/09/2023 - 10:00

The Armand de Fluvià del Casal Lambda Documentation Centre houses an important archive and document collection on sexual and gender diversity.

The Armand de Fluvià del Casal Lambda Documentation Centre contains a significant archive and collection of documents on sexual and gender diversity, plus an extensive catalogue of books available for reference or on loan.

Can you name five leading figures from the LGBTI movement in Catalonia since 1975? Do you know what happened in Barcelona’s Niza cinema on 3 December 1977? When was the first trans depathologisation demonstration in Barcelona? Who was Sonia Rescalvo?  

The answer to many of these questions can be found in the Armand de Fluvià del Casal Lambda Documentation Centre (CDAF), housed on the second floor of the Barcelona LGBTI Centre.

This documentary archive belongs to the Casal Lambda organisation and bears the name of a historical gay activist: Armand de Fluvià, the founder of various LGBTI rights associations in the 70s.  

Press and magazine articles, posters of historical demonstrations, meetings by associations and even personal correspondence are to be found among the materials held at the centre.

Many of these documents have been digitised and can be consulted using the computers at the centre itself, with prior authorisation. Request permission by sending an email to documentacio@centrelgtbibcn.org. 

The collection enables students and researchers to access academic works, helping at the same time towards the important task of maintaining the historical memory of the LGBTIQA+ collective and the genealogical recognition of the movement. 

Essays, manuals, novels, poetry and art books 

The centre also contains an extensive catalogue of theory and essay books on various topics linked to sexual and gender diversity, such as bisexuality, intersexuality, asexuality, non-binary people and much more. 

It also has guides and manuals with recommendations, many of them aimed at people working in the public sphere (education, public administration, healthcare workers etc.), who give practical information on awareness and support for sexual and gender diversity.  

Finally, the archive includes novels and poetry books by LGBTIQA+ authors who address these topics in their texts, such as Jean Genet, Audre Lorde, Gloria Anzaldúa and others. 

All these books can be consulted at the documentation centre and are also available on loan. 

The centre also houses an interesting collection of art books covering disciplines such as painting and photography from an LGBTI perspective. These books can be consulted on the premises, but not taken out on loan.  

If you’re still not familiar with the CDAF, remember that you can visit it from Monday to Friday, from 4 pm to 8 pm. Step inside, consult, read and browse! No appointment required.