Call for entries for the seventeenth edition of the 25 November Award: BCN Antimasclista, "Forging Alliances Against Male Chauvinism"

07/07/2022 - 10:37

New edition of the 25 November Award.

Every year since 2005, and within the framework of the Citizen Agreement for a City Free of Violence Against Women, Barcelona City Council has called for entries for the 25 November Award, to commemorate the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

This year, under the slogan “Forging Alliances Against Male Chauvinism”, ‘the aim of the award is to provide support for projects which help to prevent gender violence in four of the main areas where women and people in general conduct a large part of their everyday lives.

    • Commerce: shops, shopping centres and hubs.
    • Culture: cinemas, theatres, museums, creation centres, etc.
    • Sport: sports groups and clubs in the territory, sports facilities, etc.
    • Education: Student families’ associations, teachers’ associations, leisure organisations, etc.

The aim of the award is to provide financial resources and institutional support to the winning project, which must not have been implemented previously, but which may be at the initial stage of implementation.

The award is for the amount of €15,000 and the period for presenting projects is from 1 to 19 September 2022.

You can consult the terms and conditions for the award, along with all the information concerning the call for entries, at this link.