Trans October, over a decade of fighting for depathologisation

03/10/2022 - 10:18

Historic posters. We have retrieved some historic posters of demonstrations and other activities held in Barcelona within the framework of the international campaign STP, which are currently available on loan from groups and activists at the Centre de Documentació Armand de Fluvià of the LGBTI Centre.

Trans October, a month dedicated to recognising the fact that trans* identities are not illnesses, has begun 

Since 2007, the third Saturday of October is International Day of Action for Trans Depathologisation, an action originally started by the “Stop Trans Pathologization” (STP) campaign. Over a decade later, the month of October is still dedicated to the recognition of trans identities as ways of freely experiencing gender expression or identity.  

The Barcelona LGBTI Centre is joining this historic assertion and continuing to work for the defence of trans people’s rights, providing a comprehensive care service for trans people which aims to cover their specific needs in the work, legal, health and socialisation areas.   

The Centre de Documentació Armand de Fluvià has got some posters of demonstrations held in Barcelona that were called by the STP2012 campaign and organised by groups and activists, such as the one you can see in this image, which is held on loan and available for the public to view. Let’s remember the past and keep moving forward to ensure the protection of trans and non-binary people’s rights.  

In addition, below is an introduction to the book The Transgender Issue: An Argument for Justice, by Shon Faye, where the author explains what it means to be trans in a transphobic society and provides a broad analysis of the lives of trans people: from youth to old age exploring, among other areas, the fields of work, family, housing, healthcare, the prison system and trans people’s involvement in the LGBTQ+ and feminist communities. The book is available for consultation or to borrow at the Centre de Documentació Armand de Fluvià.  

The presentation of two guides to the work inclusion of trans people, which are available for download here: Guide to Improving the Employability of Trans People and Guide to Drawing Up Gender Transition Protocols in the Workplace,

and the Resource Guide for Trans People* in Barcelona City, with information of interest to people who are considering transitioning from a social, physical or legal point of view, with other recommended resources and materials.